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Sunday, January 1, 2012

 I'll start with an obligatory picture of the Ipoh signboard thingy. (:

It was meant to a food trip. So, we reached and immediately went to look for food. Headed towards Tai Shu Keok? Lol.

And then this lil girl came by trying to sell these pens to collect school fees and she 'rapped' in Chinese which they found dope. So they bought corn biodegradable pens for rm10.

Headed to town to buy kaya puffs and eat Funny Mountain Tau Foo Fa.

 And buy salted chicken. That I never actually got to eat. 

And suddenly Ju Dee (who works there) showed up. ((((((: Had a short chat. I'm really surprised that she still recognizes me.

Ipoh chicken, tauge, hor fun, meatballs! Last meal of the day and after some long talk about.. stuff, we headed towards Penang!

Obligatory picture of  the Penang bridge : 

The first most interesting thing that happened, while on the bridge, we opened the window and tossed out a key into the Selat Tebrau. IN A MOVING CAR. That was totally cool. The thought of it is just slightly crazy, slightly relieved, and a lot of fun, even though the moment lasted 30 seconds.

After finally reaching our host's house. Said hi to the mom, sat at the backyard, drank some herbal tea from the mum and headed out to eat some famous chau kuay teow, which unfortunately, was all sold out because it was already 1 in the morning. =\

The next morning, after dim sum, courtesy of the mom because none of us could get up, we went to eat the most awesome laksa and had some ice kacang, but the cendol stall was closed. =\ Bought some paper fried chicken, super nice indeed. 

Then we went to Straits Quay. It was still bright when we reached so we walked a lil and went to chill at Charlie Brown's Cafe.

Loved the decorations. Mummy would love the place. (:

Then unnie came and found me, YAY! We headed towards Gurney Drive for dinner. More food! 

The pretty lights at Straits Quay. 

Muar chee, pasembor, char kuay teow, fried oyster with egg, fresh sugar cane. Took a short walk down Gurney Drive and looked at the stuff they were selling. After that, we headed over to two dance studios to say hi or something and they were sooo good, its amazing to watch. Don't judge a dancer from his face. ;p

By the time we were prepared to head towards Genting, it was about 1am (again), and we stayed up and told stories the whole morning to keep awake with the driver. For some terrible reason, we took the old road up to Genting. It was dark, scary, empty and still pretty fun.

 The view of the cold morning at Genting.

We reached at approximately 4.30am and went to chill at Starbucks. And played Chor Dai Di the whole morning through, in the dark because Starbucks actually closes at 5.30am and opens at 8.30am. I've finally ventured to some parts of Genting that I haven't been to before even though I was there quite often this, I mean last year.

"My underwear is giving me a wedgie. A terrible wedgie." 

So after freezing my butt off through the early morning, we went back to the car for a 'short' nap and then because the driver still wanted to sleep, we went to have breakfast and the finally left Genting at about 2-ish. 

Its interesting to be stuck around uhmm.. good, Christian people, all with our own pasts. It feels so amazing to say a prayer together in the car. Journey mercy, God. 

I've learnt more throughout this trip and I've heard more, listened more, spoke a lil bit more and sleep way too little. But is was still DOPE. (: Another word that's been repeated throughout the trip. It is now one of the many memories that I'll keep with me for a long time, if not, forever.

Thank you, and thank God.


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