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Sunday, January 1, 2012

"What the Heck."
The most repeated line I've been hearing for the last 3 days.


As I've promised, the second half of December. Its technically a lil too late because its already 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So after whatever happened in the previous post, I got sick. Food poisoning and some gastric issues. And so.. I was admitted into the hospital for 2 days.

Ouch. I got out and back to KL a couple of days before Christmas.

 But before all the sick part happened,we had a small, sad session of karaoke with tai gor gor and unnie. 

And then I watched CHC KL's Christmas production. It was pretty awesome, a bit potong stim at the end. But I thought the whole singing/choreography/costume part was great. The story itself.. not so much. I loved it anyway.

Then there was a lot of baking involved. Red velvet cupcakes for Christmas. (:


Somewhere before the baking and the Christmas, we followed Coex to his gig at Kajang and sang some carols there with the CF.

Then, went to support the last night of Demolition Crew @ Vertigo.

On Christmas morning, I went to watch the Acts Church Christmas production, called  "Life is Heart".

And on Christmas night, went to the annual family friends' barbeque dinner. I think I actually enjoyed myself despite the big bruises on my leg, I learnt how to shuffle and wore a box on my head. With bacon strips and barbequed marshmallows, this Christmas was a good one. 

Coming up next, Ipoh-Penang-Genting trip

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