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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

19th February 2012
Singapore Indoor Stadium

Now. This Super Show I have to say, was one of the most.. unsatisfying one. =\ We went through so much trouble and stress and money to get the tickets. We were seated so far up and so far to the side, all we saw were their sides, we couldn't even see the screen. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT.

Complains aside, I SAW 동해! That is the major plus plus plusssss point for going through all that trouble. Gah, I love that man so much, its crazy. I always try to come up with a reason why, and thats really not hard. ᄏᄏᄏ I can make a super long list and all, but there's only one sole reason and the reason is LOVE. ((((: He was soooo cute the whole time, I think he was high or something. He kept speaking gibberish engrish and kept interrupting Henry with his "yeah man" and all. Haha. He was hyper throughout which I think is rare. =\ But ahhhh. So much cute dancing and waving and Polaroid picture taking, blowing kisses. Awwwww. His hair is so adorable and brown. Sighsss.

But of course, I love Super Junior as a whole and Min was soooooooo adorable throughout, dayummmm that man is sexy. He's gotten kinda chubbier and I think thats so cute and his face. Ahhhh. Perfection. I feel so bad but I almost zoned out throughout his solo because my legs were so tired and I thought it'd be better if he sang. But he likes his sexy chicks and all, so yeah. It was still awesome. He did a lot of butt wiggling, no idea why. It was as if he had an imaginary bunny tail or something. Min was totally gorgeous as Marilyn Monroe, there was a part where Siwon lied down and Min stood over him, Siwon's face under his dress. I'd get some pictures to blog about but I really don't have the time to. :( Ilu, Min.

Zhou Mi is so good looking, its so hard to not love him. I honestly have no idea what his solo song was, other than the fact that it was Chinese, he sounds awesome. All the time. Henry was super cute. His solo, Off my Mind+Lazy Song+Lighters. Omg that violin solo is to die for. I'm so so so happy i heard it live. 

Teukie was like going out of his mind or something, he head banged so much throughout the concert I really hope he doesn't hurt his neck or something. He was so nice and leader-ish, he had this funny speech about being happy and how to be happy and the answer to that is to 'eat' Super Junior's love. Haha. Gotta love his nonsense.

Hyuk was pretty quiet this time around although he had his small share of talking. I have no idea when that came about but they keep doing this "됐어!" thing when the others were being ridiculous. It like we have no
운명 or something. I never ever get to see him up close after all the Super Shows I've been too, its so unfair. He's still handsome throughout and damnn he dances, he dances well. Its so good to watch. Maybe he was sick or something cause he couldn't go into the fountain and Mi took his place instead.

Kyu, omg Kyu, he's gotten skinnier I think, or maybe his face got smaller, or maybe I was just far away. But he was so sweet, went around waving at the fans, I'm quite sure he waved at me at some point. Such a sweetheart.

Siwon. Lol, Siwon. I dunno why but everytime I go to a Super Show, I see him the most. Sighss. Its not that I don't love him, in fact, I tend to love him more when I see him live. Haha. That body.. woah. Its like the epitome of  perfect body building. *swoons*

Shindong. Looking sooo good nowadays. His hair is cool, his Hyuna solo was awesome, I actually think I spent a lot of time watching his male dancers doing Bubble Pop instead. And from where we were sitting, we could see him strip behind the screen. Haha. 

Yesung. Uhmmm. I have no idea what went on with him, sorry Yesung. Yeahhh. He still sings so well and the mics were giving them problems though. He reluctantly got wet at the end. The whole stadium was like "Yesung! Yesung!" And then he just went "No!". But gave in in the end.

Wookie. Omggg Moves like Jagger was so good live, he's a bit confusing to watch. Its not like he was in a bad mood or anything cause he was kinda high when he was Gollum, doing weird dances and lying down with his saxophone. Haha. And then he just becomes.. quiet. His hair was so cute and all, tiny person. I miss him already. In fact, I miss all of them. This is withdrawal symptom indeed.

Sapphire Blue Sea, ELFs. Proud to be one. (:

I basically spent the whole concert stalking Min and Hae, it was so hard to decide who to watch. Ahh. happyhappyjoyjoy.

슈퍼주니어 짱!
보고 싶어.
빨리 돌아와요. 

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