Music Man II.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Venue : Stadium Merdeka, KL
Date : 3/3/2012

"I say Music, you say Man!"

Dayumm, its considered one of the best concerts that I've been to. Lee Hom is indeed a music man. He was great throughout the concert and only lip synced the first 3 dance songs. He's got a live band and he played the violin, er-hu, piano and his extremely awesome dragon electric guitar. I don't know why I was so attracted to his instruments.

The piano. Its like.. WOW. I don't really get why I like it so much but its just so awesome. The design, it being white and gorgeous, its like its made perfectly for Lee Hom. Which it probably was. Lol. He had it on a moving stage and moved along the front of the stage. The violin playing is like heaven to my ears. I probably had my mouth hanging open throughout the all the violin playing. Like I did when he performed 美. He's got the charm, the voice, and I've never thought of him much of a dancer but he's just all round perfect. Haha. He's so comfortable on stage, he has so much fun and it shows.

The concert is so thoroughly prepared, its so hard to find something wrong with it. I love how his band stays and plays the song, with his backup singers while he changes, it keeps the show live. And when you think the song ends, he shows up again. I love how he had the video about the World Vision which shows how he cares about society. His stage, albeit small, has screens at the side of the stage with real good graphics. He's got this vertically opening stage and had an orchestra performing with him. He's got kids singing with him for Ai Yin Wei Zai Xin Zhong, the lil girl really can sing. His costumes were really.. shiny. Haha. The bright red outfit, the army themed shirts and all his shiny dragon stuff. 

Dragon stuff. Haha. There was so many people there, its pretty cool. Pity the people on the field, it was all soggy and muddy. And wet. =\

Can't remember what he was singing. But it was awesome.

During the encore, when he came out with this shiny gold matching tracksuit. 

I'm sorry for the block of text, but I tend to ramble about concerts. If he comes back, I'd definitely go again. Just listening to him sing from afar is already pretty awesome. I would've been totally heartbroken to miss him here. He did all my favourite songs, its just so amazing to hear all of it live. He's so dorky, he's saying all kinds of funny stuff and then laughs at himself. He took time to thank all the sponsors, his band, singers, backup dancers and then pointed out all the fanclubs/signs that he sees. 

He was like "Thank you all for.. taking a shower with me today." Cause it was raining throughout the concert. And then there was this fansign that read "LEE HOM ADDICT" and he was like "Don't your hands get tired? You've been holding it up since the beginning." And then there was the weibo update where he filmed himself and the crowd going "Saya cinta padamu." He started the video with this really loud "Hey!" and then laughed cause it was so awkward. Ahhh. So adorable. Then he sat on the moving thingy that circled the whole stadium, its so nice of him to do that, while singing A Simple Song and Bu Yao Hai Pa. SO HANDSOME. Gahhhhh.

I think this might be the first non kpop concert that I've been to and there's much difference. First, they have whistles. Real loud ones. And colourful lightsticks. They don't really scream much, but they clap. Even though Lee Hom probably can't hear it. Haha. 

There's this bunch of fans in front of us and around the stadium, who are very.. enthusiastic. They have this fan chant and clap thing going on, they try to wave their lightsticks together. And you can see this person standing in the front directing their lightsticks. They also attempted some waves which were not too bad really. They were so funny to watch, but I admire their spirit. (:

"I say Gai shi, you say Ying shiong."
"Gai shi!"
"Ying shiong!"

Okay. This is one long fan account the nobody will read. Indeed it is a great concert, Lee Hom is a great musician, and I think I fell in love again.


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