Monday, April 30, 2012

"You think the weather here is bad?
No, the weather is Hell is worse." 

Sunway CF Camp @ Golden Sands Baptist Assembly, Port Dickson.

It was a completely last minute decision to make, but I know that it is not a coincidence that I went. It was God's plan. I didn't know what was going on, where we were going, what we were gonna do, how, what.. why? I didn't doubt my decision, but I grumbled a little. Nevertheless, like any good camp, I'm glad I went, and I'm glad I'm back. And I hope I'm back changed.

Its been so long since i've been a camp, moreover a CF camp. The one word I kept hearing from God throughout the camp was encouragement. I know I was lost for awhile before the camp, and when the option to get closer to God came round, I couldn't say no.

"We don't survive on leftover grace."

I know God has been using people to speak to me, and I hear it. Going back to God is always easy because His arms are always open. But I also know that neglecting God's much more easier. Everyday will be a challenge, and I can only pray I persevere.

"If God has forgiven you, for goodness' sake,
forgive yourself."

After the encouragement came the teaching. There are ways I have to change, I don't know, how to be that people may see Christ in me. It bothers me when people find out that I'm a Christian and go "Really? I never knew." Its as if I've been showing them otherwise. But, why? What am I doing wrong? 

"For what will it profit a man if he gains everything and loses his soul?" 
- Mark 8:36

 The people: 

My group for the camp, Blazing Beta.

with Victor, group mate. 

with Gideon, who does not have Facebook. 

with the girls, on Banquet Night. Which is this activity that the camp had for us. Each guy picked out a name of a girl and uhhmm,. went for dinner together? It was.. awkward. The one I went with, Kevin, was 18, doing A levels, and really quiet. I did like 70% of the talking and just tried to make it less awkward. It was.. fun

Then we had a campfire, where there were roasted marshmallows and oreo, some good live music, African praise song, failed choir, great company. 

Obligatory sister picture. (:
We had some fun not telling people that we were sisters, nobody really figured out until the end, and even then they didn't want to believe us. Haha.

"I have fought a good fight.
I have finished the race."

Thank you, God. Life is hard, but God is good.

A thousand times I failed,
still Your mercy remains.

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