Saturday, May 12, 2012

 SO, I turned 19 yesterday. 
First (successful) surprise, D came over at about 1am with a cake and popped out from behind the wall when I walked out of the bathroom. Heh. This is kinda the first time something like this happened on my birthday. Things have changed. :)

So I made a wish, wished for everything I already have.

With my sister who came back the with ChaTime for me earlier, who also let him into the house and (surprisingly) kept the secret well. :p

The next day, well, technically on the same day, normal routine. Woke up, went to Orange for lunch, where they paid for my lunch and sang a birthday song for me, thankfully not too loudly. Ahhh, I'm gonna miss them so much when CIMP ends. Then I went for my first class where they also sang me a song, a loud one this time. :)

On the way home, D came and gave me flippers. Lol. They're small and cute, everything my feet is not. But well.. they're pink. Heh. ᄒᄒᄒ

After he was being weird the whole afternoon and seemingly stressed at night, we went for dinner at Friday's. Sigh. Sighs. Sighss. I don't really want to elaborate on that but I'm sure those of you who've been there know what happens on birthdays. They made me stand on the chair, sing, give a speech, blow the candle far far away, you get the point. Its so nice of them to come, ahem, especially eye candy for the night, ahem. HAHA. It was the first and last thing I saw in the restaurant that night. It was a great night, and no, I'm not being sarcastic.

The last surprise, is definitely a surprise. Vincent texted and then called, then told me to go down. And on my way down, he suddenly told me to just walk straight. Suddenly, he came from behind me with a cake and sang the birthday song for me. It was such an 'awww' moment. It seems that I also talk like him when I'm talking about him ._. 

Then we just talked for about an hour about absolutely nothing. He's one of those people that I just have to quote cause the stuff that he says is just so... LOL. I spent a lot of that one hour laughing.

"If one person says that 'Human is fat', and one person says 'Fat is not human'. 
Then, am I human?! Ahhhh, I am a lump of fat!"

HAHAHA, I swear I don't remember how this conversation happened but it was soooo funny and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

So, he also somehow gave two chicken essence by the end of the night. ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

I am thoroughly touched by everything that happened, God is so good, and all the people that He's sent into my life are all such a great blessing to me. The only thing that was missing this birthday is my mum and my three best friends. :( I miss you all.

Its like a day of self evaluation, and everything around me. I know things have changed drastically than what it used to be, and maybe I've changed along with it. I used to be in high school and wonder how its like being 19. Now that I know how its like being 19, its like a huge difference from before, but also exactly the same. Maybe I've grown old, maybe I've grown up. Maybe I'm actually just really young. Everything is a lot different from when I was 'young'. Is it weird to say that I miss myself? Hmmm. But... I just lost my train of thought. Nevermind.

Big THANK YOU to my boyf and sister, and Zhan Wei and Brandon and Shi Ann, and Vincent.
All the hearts in the world for all of you. (: 

I am a happy girl.
Thank you, God. I love You.

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