Those who come and go.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

 CIMP Prom, Monte Carlo @ Empire Hotel
4th May 2012.

The tickets were really nice for the price we paid. Long and laminated.

My 'dates' for the night, Brandon and Zhan Wei. They're some of the best people I've met in CIMP, and we're so.. distant, but still friends. I think I owe them a lot when it comes to surviving the 2nd semester. Its really weird that the two people I'm closest to in college don't share any classes with me. Oddly enough, I know I can count on them, even if I don't. They're so precious to me, I don't think they know. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Now, these are people that come and go. KY, LP and Sam. Don't ask me why they're named like that. Canadian teachers can't pronounce Chinese names, you see. Haha. KY, I've only met that night. LP, met since day one of my first semester, one of my first friends. I think i'm really mean to him but there's just some people in life that can't be connected to. Sam, my best classmate in ENG4U. I think I'll miss him. 

Mr.D, one of the best lecturers yet. (: And some of my econs classmates. He was a lil tipsy by then and was talking REALLY LOUDLY and pink in the face and almost leaning on me while taking the picture. Lol. Ms. Nancy wasn't there I think. =\

It seems I had my own little after party. I feel SO BAD for abandoning Brandon and Zhan Wei but uhmm.. lets just say, these people are closer to my heart. CIMP is.. not. I had a good day. I feel blessed. <3

Now its like I have a war to prepare for. Nearing the end of the last semester, with many final projects to finish and research papers to write. Ahhhh. Breathe in, breathe out. It'll all be over soon.

All praises to God.

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