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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Tomorrow doesn't matter
When you're moving your feet
It's all about tonight"
-- All About Tonight, Pixie Lott. 

So it seems that while I'm sitting on my fat ass everyday perfecting The Art of Doing Nothing, my boyfriend bought me a pair of shoes. He picked it, he loves it, I love it.  
Thank you so much, sayang. :)

In other words, I do nothing everyday but sleep and eat. Occasionally I bathe and comb my hair. I only spend time with two people. One's permanently in my space, and I in hers, my dearest sister. And the other is one who's space I want to be in? Haha. 

Its been almost a month since my self declared holiday begun. Kristal and Jo have returned. Ez is doing the same thing I do everyday but in a different city. Boyfriend's been working. And I.. don't know what to do with life. 

This break that I'm on, I have no idea what to make of it. Am I not only just wasting time? But.. resting? Resting. Hmmmm. I sleep from 5am to 4pm everday, I wake up just to eat and bathe and sit in front of my laptop. And then.. after much effort, I fall back asleep. Good life, some would say. 

I'm not too sure.

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