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Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the 11th, I took the train (alone) and went back to Ipoh. :) Food is so cheap there I cannot fathom why I have to suffer here in Subang. :\

Then on the next day, went to the usual Japanese shop and ate all the desserts that were in the menu. Haha. Ice-cream and mochi. Mmmm.. black sesame. Then Mr. Calvin took me on a ride on his new super bike through the highway all the way to Meru. It was pretty fun, but I have no pictures on myself on the bike. :( then we went to yumcha in Oldtown before calling it a night.

 On the next day, we headed to PENANG. Road trip! Wheeee..

 It started off a lil disastrous for me because the bus what leaving at 8.15 but I woke up a 7.45. My hair was still dripping wet when I got on the bus 5 minutes late. Then we took the ferry and sat right in front. :)

Once we checked into the hotel, we searched for food immediately. The sun was glaring and we were so hungry, we just stopped at a nearby coffee shop and ate some pretty good yong tau fu, the loh mee is just not for me I think.

Then we headed to KDU so that Ezzie could meet up with her friends. Its so.. foreign there. The people were amusing to watch. Makes me wonder why I have no love for my own college and the people there. After that, we went to Gurney and did some successful shopping.

Chilling at Gurney Drive, camwhoring. Some people who passed by really thought we were koreans. Haha. 

Hung around for awhile with Ezzie's friend, some quite good looking, flirting with Kristal all the while. Heh. After when George finally arrived, we went to feast. Haha. I did finally get my char kuay teow the next morning, so no complains. 

And the main location for the night, 69 Mansion.

Its pretty cool out there, I just realised I didn't even get picture of the water and pool and stuff. But well.. go there yourself if you wanna know. I think its a really nice place, it was just a lil too big and a lil too few people.

We had a bucket of Heineken, long island and a mojito. The long island tea was very.. strong. Couldn't drink more than a few sips. Then George had to go pour beer into it. 

 Of course, we had to go to the beach. Finally! We had quite some fun there I guess. Kristal and I ran across the beach and George had fun trying to get us to go deeper into the sea but got his own jeans wet in the end. Haha. There were so so many inappropriate but precious pictures taken. :)

The next morning, we woke up, ate brunch, missed the ferry, missed the bus, took a later bus back home, slept the whole way back. 

So we came back, Unnie and I had a long talk again about.. life. Haha. Then we pulled ourselves off the bed and went to Jo's dad's early birthday celebration at Indulgence.


 Us girls for the night in our little corner with our not so little conversations.

Sorry for the shortened post. I had a great time this whole trip. But right now, my expression is as it looks like in the picture above. I need to just like.. sit around and think for awhile. Hoping the next blog post won't be a rant post. 

Unnie and Jo are leaving this Friday. Sad face forever. :( 
I'm gonna miss them forever.

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