Ulu Yam.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Yes, I finally got the name of the place. We went to Ulu Yam, somewhere pass Ampang and near I have no idea where. It was uhmm.. awkward? Hmmm. No la, it was pretty okay. So they were supposedly going to take off at 6 but left at 7 instead. And I didn't get sleep at all. With futile attempts though, I slept from 2.30am to 3.35am and got up and never went back to sleep. :( It might've been a lil more than okay if I wasn't so sleep deprived. 

On our way up...

"Bro, this is how you spell waterfall right?"
"Correct la bro, what English course you take man?"

Entertainment. Hahaha. I love them both combined.

Poser Omar at the backseat. ;p

 We took the back road which also leads up to Genting to the waterfall. As we drove pass the cemetery that we did the other time, way pass midnight when he was freaking out about how scary it was and all. Haha, I was so tempted to send a text to that friend, but fortunately, there was no reception there whatsoever. (: heh. Saved. 

 And so, I managed to see things that I never got to see the other time up because it was pitch black. Today, it was bright and sunny and I'm with different people, different kinds of fun. Haha. Although, I do remember both times being extremely sleepy. There's this HUGE lake that, the wind's blowing, the place is cold with less polluted air. Ahhh.. nature. Not to forget good company. :)

We had to climb down these steep uhm.. hill? to reach the water. The water is ice cold. Terrifyingly cold. But it was all cold after much shivering. I just realized I have no picture of the actual waterfall. :( How can that be? Sigh. Oh well. I really wanted to jump off the cliff as well but getting up the rock was a bit of a challenge. Small, small regret. The water's not dirty much, but it looks murky because of the sand.

 After starting off the fire, barbecuing some chicken and sausage, I did kinda finally get into the water after much bullying. Hmmmmphhh. Haha, it was all good fun. After all, if you can't beat them, join them.

 I hope Philip forgives me for the extremely awkward shot of his naked upper torso. I was trying to get a picture of well.. all of them. Haha. Cannot even see his face. Oops. :\ I still didn't catch all their names. I didn't even get a picture of Andrew. And Yang. And... the rest.

Uhm. That other girl who came along, who's name I can barely say, much less spell, French braided my hair for me. Hehe. I really wish I could do it myself but uhm.. no, I still can't. Sorry to end with a not so nice picture of myself. I wasn't really feeling it. Lol. My eyes are swollen in the picture too. :\

It was a good day, I haven't been in to a waterfall for A Very Long Time. This is only my second time at a waterfall. I thank God for all these people that I've been surrounded by. :)

So. Mini flail. He's still so.. fair. Ahh, I woke up immediately after seeing him so happy. Awwww. He did lose some weight, still looks good la, flappy hair and all. Keke. Sighsss. That face. That smile. 

Mini rant. I have no idea whats going on really. I don't understand the thoughts, I don't understand what I'm feeling. I don't understand anything. Its like I have no peace in my heart when it comes to this. And I still don't know why. Maybe I'm over thinking it, maybe i'm not thinking at all, I don't know. I don't even know why. Sometimes I think its me, sometimes I think its him, but its not fair for me to decide this on my own, and yet I can't bring myself to say anything. Mainly because I don't know what to say.

To be continued...

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