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Friday, August 24, 2012

Emo post warning. 

Maybe one day you'd realise you lost me somewhere along the way.
Then maybe I could figure out when that was.

Perseverance. I know how to do that, right?
I will be able to do that right? 
For myself, for the people I love, for the people who love me.

"I need you baby I’m not a monster
날 알잖아 이렇게 가지마
너마저 버리면
난 죽어버릴 텐데"

"I need you, baby I’m not a monster
You know me so don’t leave like this, 
if you throw me away, 
I will die."

What am I like?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"My boyfriend called me his superstar."

I should be glad, I should be proud. But everyday I sit around and all I can think is, I'm not. How is it that someone can think of me that way? This has never happened before. I don't know. I don't know how to deal with this. Inevitably, there are those days when I think, maybe if someone can see me that way, maybe I am that way. Maybe it was just a second, one second of me that made him see that in me. Then the thought that follows; I don't deserve to be thought about in that way just for that one second. Its unfair. 

Oh God, I just realised that one paragraph made no sense at all, I'm not even bothered to read it again and correct it. Please, do not take any word of that into thought. 

So, I'm only typing this because he told me to and because I think I owe him more than one hundred apologies and more than one million thank yous. I think I know better than anyone how hard it is to love me, and continue loving me. 

I love making you jealous. It makes you want to fight for me. I hope. 
I love making you tell me things you don't want to tell. It makes me feel like I care. 
Uhm. That came out wrong. 
So I'm gonna stop at two, just in case the rest come out even weirder.

First birthday shared together,

Its 3am now. I should wake you up. But I'm not going to. 
I'm sorry. Thank you. I love you. Goodnight. 
Dedicated to you. 

Personal taste.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Don't you have something to say to me? 
Something like 'I'm sorry I got angry'?"

"How about you? Don't you have something to say to me? 
Something like 'I'm sorry I made you angry'?"

The reminders of a cute love story k-drama.
This kind of love doesn't exist. 
I think its kinda cute when they get all ridiculously jealous and stuff. 
But its actually not  that fun when you're feeling the exact feelings. :( 
It makes a lot of the relationship worth it, I guess. 
I guess. 

I'm bad at guessing. 
I feel like doing the limbo again. 
Sigh. Oh how I used to be young and thin and flexible. 
Why am I old and fat and crickety now?

Old picture is old. I won't forget that day. As much as it's in the past now. 
How could I possibly mispell the r on sand? #disappointed

Random blog post. Heh.

Hey girl,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

 Christian pick up lines. Haha. 

Oh, I'm missing my favourite one that says:

Hey girl, can I buy you a non-alcoholic drink?

Haha. I think I might just fall for that.

난 길을를 찾을 수 없습니다.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I can't find a way to return
We just have to move forward from here
I'm getting a little lost
Don't even know if 
I'm still on the same road
Where am I going? 

I'm not lost, just undiscovered. 

Meatballs and chicken.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

“Who says, who says you’re not perfect,
Who says you’re not worth it,
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting.”

“I think I’m falling for you, could you take away the queue?
My eyes are fixed on the view, which is irresistibly you.”

Lyrics, they say so little and mean so much.

The title : what I’m eating right now and what I want to eat.

Glimpse of heaven.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"You're the light that
makes the darkness disappear."
First of all,
Happy birthday, George gor gor! He may never see this or understand what he is to me, but that's all good. Sometimes I think some relationships are just meant to be. Far and rare, means a lot but also almost nothing.

"Everything's alright,
when you're right here by my side." 

Why am I obsessing with the song? Aiyo. Everything that love should be, but is not. Well.. not all the time anyway.

요즘, 난 아직 외로워. 어떻게? ᅲᅲ

I'm in some unexplainable slump, its like I'm on my way out, but barely scraping the edges. So confused. Its been awhile and I still haven't figured out what the issue is exactly. There's something wrong with me. There's something wrong with the people around me. Or, lack thereof.
난 아직 살아 야지.

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