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Monday, September 3, 2012

"And I confess, You'll always be enough for me."

So its been a really busy two weeks. To start it off, I think the most relevant thing to blog about was Omar's birthday party. I think the last time I went to a house party was during Kristal's 13th. HAHA. That was about 6 years ago. It was an odd experience, with new friends, new strangers. Now the only thing that I won't forget was the bunch of guys taking off their shirts and randomly dancing, as a punishment for losing charades that we were playing. 

And maybe the uhmm lack of food. Hahaha. Sorry, Omar. :D We're still bestfriends right? To finish it off, we (of course) went to Vertigo. That was pretty enjoyable too. Its on those rare days where I don't enjoy clubbing that I really don't. But those are slightly rare nowadays. Heh.   

HAPPY belated 21st BIRTHDAY, OMAR!

Obligatory boyf picture. Haha, excuse the funny faces please. We were going through a moment. :)

EMERGE has come and went. I would say I wasn't really into the conference, or the whole competition stuff. But being able to participate in the Future in Neon fashion design competition was an experience to remember. Its been bitter, fun, boring, adventurous, making things I never thought I could make. The conference on a whole was, of course, great. Pastor Kong came to preach for all three days, it was an honor to be able to hear him again and see all that he is going through but still trusting God with every step he takes.

 In the process of making the outfit. We had changed it last minute, it was  so much work and so little time. I'm really glad its over, and that we did our (almost) best. It seems that even though we weren't top 3, we were 4th place. That is an accomplishment on its own because the rest of the contestants were really awesome.

Look at them! How to compete? The winner was a futuristic ballerina, she had lights on her hair. And a top handmade from tape, bolts and nuts, feather tutu, all handmade. They deserved it. I'm glad to have known the makers too. The random conversations that happened, a new friend perhaps. :)


 This is our model, Audrey Ling, who also won the beauty pageant contest as Miss Emerge 2012. :) It was a great pleasure to work with her despite the clashing of ideas and disagreements at some point. Hair by Joan, make up by me, outfit was mainly put together together. Lol. Get it? Sorry for the double words. 

Team Electroneon!

The rest of Emerge was pretty awesome. The opening dance, for instance, was WOW. 

Parade of Schools (POS) is a cheerleading competition between clusters. This is the first time I've ever watched a cheerleading competition live, much more from a non professional cheerleaders. The stunts that were attempted were terryfyingly good, some just really scary to watch. I have to give it to them though, their fighting spirits are incredible. 

They were all really good, unexpected, despite the mistakes that occured, it was a great performance. This last picture has a guy head spinning on a board held up by more guys. O.O
He rolled off the board really scarily.

The throne they tried to replicate from Fantastic Baby's MV. Pretty cool stuff.

Uni has resumed once again, I don't know if I'm coping at all, but I feel stupider everyday. And I am reminded how I cannot wake up in the morning. Aihhhhh.
Now, off to some sleep!

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