Beh tahan, beh layan.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I want to express my greatest, deepest gratitude to that lady in the toilet that day for not leaving me. Or helping me out of freewill. :/ I would love to thank her myself, but a part of me really want to never see her again. Its not like I'd recognize her though. ://// thank you. 


보고 싶다.

Pros :
1. I get the bed all to myself.
2. No snoring.
3. Nobody wakes me up. 
4. The rooms stays as clean as I keep it. 
5. I get to wear all the clothes that are not 'mine'.
6. Nobody scolds me.
7. Nobody throws things at me.
8. Nobody uses my comb.
9. No random tissues everywhere. 
10. I can put things all over her table. 

Cons :
1. The bed is scarily big.
2. The room is scarily dark and empty alone.
3. Nobody wakes me up.
4. Nobody washes the toilet anymore.
5. Dust collecting at unused spaces.
6. The laundry becomes very hard to do, too little clothes.
7. Nobody cooks for me.
8. Nobody to go grocery shopping with.
9. Nobody (else) pays for the grocery.
10. Nobody goes with me to k-pop stuff.
11. Nobody wakes me up for church.
12. Nobody makes me sleep.
13. Nobody to give me synonyms when I'm trying to do my assignment.
14. Nobody teaches me Psychology.
15. Nobody to camwhore with.
16. No girl to go clubbing with.
17. Nobody to do impromptu stuff with.
18. Nobody to talk to at home.
19. Nobody to buy supper for.
20. Nobody to share things/ food with.
21. Nobody to scold.
22. Nobody to travel with. (i.e. Ipoh, Singapore)
23. Nobody to do make up for.
24. Nobody to paint nails for.
25. No test subject for hair and makeup.
26. Nobody to throw things at. 
27. Nobody to laugh at.
28. Nobody to laugh with.
29. Nobody to speak korean to.
30. Nobody to pretend to be koreans with. 

To be updated...

혼자서 너무싫어.

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