Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I cannot promise a non-nonsensical flailing post, but I will... try.
Nah, I gave up. I will flail all I want. :)

Date : 27th October 2012
Time : 8pm
Venue : Stadium Merdeka

We reached a little past 4, I think. I wasn't even concerned about the time anymore by the time I reached. It rained on the way there, but when we reached, it stopped. Didn't have my hopes too high though, and I was right. 

Of course, we checked out the stuff on sale, but maybe I was a little 'cheap' this year, so we headed towards where all the free stuff were. Hehe. There was, of course, a Samsung Galaxy booth outside, and we had to line up, get a chop, go into the booth, play with the phones, then we were given free stuff. It was so weird. Oh well. 

They gave us the blinking wristband and that flappy hand thing, and a blow up balloon which I kind of disregarded. Its sitting somewhere on my table. The banner was given to me towards the end of the concert, no idea what it was for, its nice anyway. :)

Then we went to line up to take a... "Best Photo". We have to line up to take this picture. Its pretty awkward. People just kinda stand there and stare. And Taeyang has been left out of my pictures. Sorry, Teydaddy. :/

 We were heading to line up, until I saw the official merchandise both. Couldn't resist, so we finally walked in and bought our lightsticks! I didn't have enough cash with me, or else I would have really bought the real pretty crown. :((( I'll have to settle for the smaller, thinner, less yellow, less bright one. But its okay, I'm a happy VIP.

Uhmmm. We kinda stood in the wrong queue so after much delay, we headed into the real queue with it is much more disorganized and messy and crowded. Finally, we got into our pit, it was already slightly muddy. Mehhhh.

Lightstick-ku yang tersayang.

Its so prettttyy. :)))

I took time to steal a picture with Eli's lightstick while we were just waiting for the concert to start. 

And that brings us to the terribly wet half hour or so rainfall. It started off as a drizzle, then it got heavier, and lighter, and heavier again. We were all soaking wet in our raincoats by the time the concert began. Oddly enough, or not so odd because I said a prayer right when it was starting, and the rain stopped! Bwahaha. 

The stage. 

Of course, they started with Still Alive, came down in their uhmm.. cases? I nearly lost all my voice within the first two songs. Followed by Tonight and Hands Up, and Fantastic Baby. Then they stopped to say hi and all. 

 Seungri started of course. They're English have improved immensely since I last heard them speak. Some minor grammatical mistakes here and there, Seungri said "I am so excitting!" instead of excited. Haha. Taeyang was all hip hop and all "Yo, whats up Malaysia!" I can't remember what he said. :((( But they were all adorbs. TOP didn't say anything in the beginning I think, then in the second half, GD was like "Why don't you say something as well?" Hahaha. 

Gawd his voice. I nearly melted and died like HyunA's ice cream. Its all deep and sultry, just like how I remembered it from the last time he was here. I did see him much closer this time though. YAY! They are all really... fair. And thin. Maybe not thin, more like lean. Daesung's arms have shrunk by like 1 inch or something, and he's also fairer. Seungri's face is almost flawless and his eyes are not that small. Haha.

I know the pictures are really blur, but that's Seungri's back and Taeyang, obviously, with his cut up shirts. I couldn't help staring at his hair the entire time, its so weird. I mean, the way its shaved at the back and his braids. He only half tore his wifebeater this time during his solo stage. Such a teaser. Haha.

Daesung threw his jacket into the crowd, GD threw his pretty green cap and I'm not sure if the others threw any. My eyes were glued on TOP the entire night. OMGGG that face. And he beatboxed! Well.. of course he did. What's interesting this time was the Seungri beatboxed instead. He did most of the Bad Boy one while Taeyang introduced it. I heard every little "uh, uh" sound that TOP made. Hahaha. So random. 

GD was so FULL OF SWAG. No, I'm not surprised, I just had to proclaim it. They way he carries himself, the things he say, they way he raps, the way he dances, the way he wears a skirt, he's always such a kid, but always so...swag. He had a hat on for awhile, played with it alot, being cool and all. Haha. He was super cute, dancing here and there, flying as he calls it.

They damn cute, singing acapella version of Haru Haru, suddenly the chorus comes and they all scream into the mic. Haha. Oh the shimmering mics, twinkle twinkle everywhere. During Lies, there was a ToDae moment, they did the dance together, laughing. Nyahhhh. *dies at the moment TOP smiles*

 I cannot fathom how I had no idea when this happened. T___T They were elevated? When? WHEN? I need to find this. Unfortunately, being as short as I am, I know I missed out on a lot of things going on on the actual stage because I COULDN'T SEE PASS ALL THE TALL PEOPLE. Aihhh. I know I shouldn't complain, there were many shorter than me suffering even more. I could barely catch glimpses of then when they were on the main stage, even when the came out to the extended stage I could only see them for like.. 2 seconds. There's also that blinding light from the opposite side of the stadium that blinds us all when we try to look up at them.

GD&TOP's stage was like... WOAH. I couldn't even see what what was going on. When the other three introduced 뻑이가요, they were so adorable. Taeyang was singing to it, Seungri beatboxing as usual (?). Hmmmm. TOP was holding this... stick? Walking stick? Haha. They were wearing fire and water coats. Live rapping is the epitome of awesomeness. I was so into High High and omgggg I saw Deuk (?) upclose. So handsome. Making all kinds of sexy faces behind Taeyang while dancing. He was doing all kinds of dancing, super cool. I'm glad he's working with Big Bang, brings him further. The female dancers are all so pretty. There's a new cute dancer? Heh.

Taeyang and his braids that I couldn't get my eyes off. I didn't see him quite as much, because he was obviously placed in the middle of the stage, didn't come over to our side as often. I saw the back of his head a lot though. Haha. Love his live singing, you can actually hear the passion.

GD's colourful hair, he's still as skinny as I remember him to be. He sang like small excerpts of One of a kind and Crayon with the rest helping him along. OMG he was so adorable during the encore. He said "I can't just let you go like this. What song do you want to hear?" Then everybody started screaming all kinds of songs and he tried so hard to listen, then the band just started up their own song and he made a face. HAHA. Like "Okay, lets just sing whatever, I can't hear what the fans are saying anyway."

 Daesung probably only learnt the phrase "BAGUS!" cause it was the only thing he said most often. And Taeyang was on some kind of high, he kept making these little songs with scratching. At one point he was singing "Saya cinta padamu, cinta cinta pada pada, cinta pada mu~" Aigoo, so cute. He also slipped twice, I think, while coming down the slope from the main stage. He did make good use of the wet stage and did all kinds of leg slipping dancing. Haha.

We also celebrated TOP's birthday and he was so.. despondent. He probably felt it though, it looked like he teared when he was saying "tterima kashhhih". TOP said "I never expected so many people to be here, you guys are amazhing". Then GD was all like "We have been to many places, but Malaysia is the best." Also note that I've probably fixed their cute grammatical errors as I typed these. Seungri, as usual, learnt more Malay, said stuff like "Selamat tidur" and "Malaysia cantik" and "Apa khabar?" . When he tried to say that to Taeyang, Tae just stared at him like "wth are you doing, maknae?" :D

They were very generous with their encore, OHHH, they also came out singing Numb (encore), the part that goes "Can I get an encore, do you want more?" Wahhh. How sexy can that get. They sang three songs for the encore; Heaven, Bad Boy, Hands up. By the time Heaven ended, I was almost dying and dehydrated with severe backache, and secretly wishing it would end, but its so sweet that they continued for us. GD was already sounding out of breathe rapping to Bad Boy. Before they went back, they had a little dancing thing and so GD was like "TOP's birthday, its ya birthday~" and TOP was doing some funny dance as usual. Then GD went "Teydaddy, go Teydaddy, go go go~" So he took off his shirt, there's no concert complete without Taeyang taking off his shirt and dancing. 


Last ugly, drenced, sweating picture of us when everybody was trying to get out. The field was of course, muddy and all, but I could care less. My shoes need a wash and I am now a happy girl.
Proud VIP forever. 

Great big thank you, to my boyfriend, who suffered by standing behind me, trying to fend off people, keep me balanced, got hit by my lightstick a million times and for carrying my bag. And throwing my raincoat away. :p 고마워.

And I didn't forget, all pictures credit to @DarveenG. 

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