Sunday, October 21, 2012

I don't know what new phase this is.
I suddenly realize, that all those things I thought I was, I'm not sure I am anymore.
I'm not even sure if I ever were.
Have I been lying to myself for so long?

"Some people are just born with warm hearts while others are born with cold ones. 
It’s the luck of the draw really."

So, I'm the latter, isn't it? Sigh. 
Sometimes I hate holidays. Too much free time to think, to little time to sleep. Or its too much sleep, too little fun. Mehhh.

So, I also went back to Ipoh for most of my sem break. Its okay a week long. What to do. It was strangely eventful and dull at the same time. Eventfully dull, but eventually more eventful than my previous holiday sprees which only included many long hours of unplanned sleep and boyfriend. Haha. This time there was no long hours of sleep, and no boyfriend. :(((((

I was back for 4 days, for apparently absolutely no reason at all, maybe except Sam, of course. On the day I got back, grandpa went to stay over at a relatives house, then the entire Tuesday was spent doing work at Lost World for my mum, eating pizza, eating supper, going home, kill cockroach, sleep. Wednesday was a long day, woke up early to go to the doctor's, got a jab for cervical cancer prevention (which means I have to go back next month for the second jab), then got kidnapped to Lost World again to do more work. Hmphhhh. I am an efficient worker, should get paid.

After getting back to KL at 6am, then being rudely awakened from my slumber by the air-con-fixing-men, who nicely tells me "Oh, we'll be done in about an hour" and in my head I'm screaming "Get out of my room!"

....I need to sleep.

Also, I uhmm.. had some time to kill. So I checked out my mum's lipsticks. I was never a fan. Either it enunciates my teeth too much (which is not favorable, at all) or it looks like I'm getting a rash on my lips. Its weird. This one was kinda nice though. Hmmm. Reconsidering..

Ezzie came! Yay. Its so good to not have to walk alone in a mall and look at girl things and talk about girl things, I feel so girl deprived. Haha. And then we went to church together, its safe to say we even grew in Christ together. So glad to have someone who just.. knows. I missed my best friend.

** This post has been written and saved continuously throughout the 10 day sem break I had, so for the first time, YAY for chronological order. For the first time.

How we're going to make it work when it hurts, 
when you pick yourself up you get kicked to the dirt 
Tryin' to make it work, but, man, these times are hard.

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