The day Christ was born.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Warning: Long & picture HEAVY post.  

Before Christmas: 

Both my bestfriends who currently live in the same state. Much love. And I don't have a Christmas picture with my boyf because it seems he impulsively deleted the only one we took together, or he just doesn't want to send it to me. *hint hint*
So, exams has ended. And Kristal came over for a few days about an hour right after my last paper. I think I was in a terrible state, with only probably 12 hours of sleep in the last 3 days. Oh well, all that matters is that its finally over. I'm not sure if it will be my last Psychology exam ever, but I'm just glad to be away for all exams, for now

Shopping for presents and all, one very amusing night of  disturbed sleep and one very uncomfortable night that I don't ever want to relive.


ᄏᄏᄏ check out my editing skills.

Then, with much trouble and very little sleep, we took the train back to Ipoh on the 22nd morning, reached Ipoh at about 8.30am and set off for Penang at 11am. Upon reaching, I was pretty much zombie already, it was such a tiring day. Shopped in Queensbay for awhile, drank some tea, until George gor gor came to get us. 

Heart shaped, so pretty!

After that, Dai gor brought us to dinner, through all the jam and all, with Magnum, of course. We retired early because the next day was a very energy consuming day. We went to Escape Penang, an outdoor, all natural, theme park. I climbed a tree and a house and firefoxed for the first time. I have never had to climb and hold on to so many things under the scorching hot sun for so long. It was such a new experience, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

View from outside.

View from inside. 

 Pampering ourselves with ice cream after the long 2 hour above ground, holding on to ropes and dangling from our harnesses.

I'd like to look back at this picture in the future and think "Oh, the good old days." :D 


It was all fine, till the night when I started to develop these terrible (!!) rashes, which cause is still unknown. I would post up a picture but I don't want to disgust what's left of my readers now. Heh. That night, we went to eat this funny combination of noodles, deep fried prawns and dim sum. We were too tired to do anything anymore, so we settled watching CZ12 at midnight. To waste time while waiting for the movie, we went to the arcade and brought Christmas bracelets as presents. 


They're so pretty, I wanna buy 5 for myself. T____T But I can't, and probably shouldn't. 

Kristal and I had the next day to ourselves because George gor gor had to work. We woke up in the afternoon and his aunt drove us out to Gurney, where all we had time to do was eat and get the bracelets and then go home to get ready for the Christmas eve dinner, with a whole lot of unknown people.

The turkey leg that we had. It was oddly tasteless and really hard to cut. Its actually quite large even though it doesn't show in this picture. 

 The rest of the acquaintances we got to know while at Escape, Ken and June, they're such a cute couple, and George and Magnum and Kristal. 

After dinner, the supposed countdown/Christmas party that we were going to were all...full. So when the clock striked 12, we were standing outside these with smoke in our hair and nothing to do but to wish each other Merry Christmas and a hug. And in these weird places, we could just walk right into the club without paying or anything. To make our Christmas less sad, we strolled into all 4 clubs just to check them out. They were all very nicely designed, different and expensive. One had a live band playing, that was quite awesome. Had I lived there, I would visit one of these every weekend, just because I can. 

The singers were good for the Malaysian standard. For some reason, all the people inside the clubs were too sober for Christmas night and TOO selamba. They just sit around and try not to be too awkward with the rest of the people. Hmmm. Its quite discouraging for a party. And, they were kinda...old. 

We were quite disheartened when the beginning of our Christmas was just.. that. So, they decided to leave because waiting there was futile. We headed to Upper Penang Road, and with no surprise, all the clubs there were full too. We settled in a weird bar place with a pool table and a tower (where I drank only 3 sips from) for a few pool games. Then we got bored again. :((

With that, we left to go to some funny Chinese club. It was so amusing! In Penang, I first saw an Indian club and visited a Chinese club filled with old people doing really weird disco dances to the old Cantonese disco songs. 

Which left us very bored and thus, these pictures were created. 

And then joined by a very tipsy friend of George's and more pictures. The night ended at 3am when the club closed and then Kristal and I were bombarded by these two random guys who were friends with friends of George's friends. That was such an amusing conversation, totally absurd and make no sense, yet entertaining. Haihhh. Men. By the end of the night, Kristal and I have been to 6 clubs. Not bad for a Christmas, eh? :)

While we were driving for one place to another, we randomly shouted "Merry Christmas!" at passing people, most of who just thinks we were either drunk or crazy. So, we made this sign to put against the window. Didn't make a difference because everyone just ignored me. Hpmh. 

 On Christmas morning, we visited Excel Point Community Church, which was also a weird story. We reached the place and on the first floor, there was a signboard of the church, but it was closed. We headed up to the second floor where there was more Excel Point signs but it was all closed. Almost when we were about to give up, we went all the way back downstairs until George saw that there was another Excel Point sign on the fourth floor. And finally, we found the service. Despite being very late and quite sleepy, I'm glad we managed to sing "Joy to the World" in church on Christmas. 

Happy Birthday, Jesus & Merry Christmas!

After lunch, we began our journey back to Ipoh where I slept the entire way. Then, we had some really awesome turkey and pasta at Kristal's house, courtesy of her mum. Thinking about it now makes me hungry already. With that, Christmas was officially over for me.

I headed home, wished Mummy Merry Christmas and spent the last two hours of Christmas watching the EMAs on my own and then totally passed out for 13 hours straight. The next day, we went to have a post Christmas dinner with Mr.Calvin and his kids. That was an interesting dinner, they were pretty much how I expected them to be, bright kids, bright future. We went to eat Northern Indian food @ Tandoor Grill, it was so spicy! 

And mummy seems to remember my skull-phase still, so she bought me a really large one. 


Then, I spent the next few days oversleeping and eating and sitting around in Mummy's office. Gladly meeting up with Sam, after so long. It feels long. Its been long and empty. Lastly, I finally returned back to my much missed Internet here in Subang, and my boyf, of course. 

I feel like I need to express the extreme gratitude I have for Kristal and her family for being so kind and generous and for having me for a few days, for the vitamin supplements because it looks like I'm dying, duck rice, Shogun buffet, for walking with me, for being a family. Not forgetting, George and his aunt, for letting us stay for a few days, taking us to places, planning the entire Christmas for us, feeding me good food and for boiling hot water for me and for being so willing and... brotherly. From the bottom of the remaining pieces of my heart, thank you.

To end, have a creepy picture of myself. 

Expect a New Year post, hopefully full of reflection and not regret. There's still so much left to figure out. Decisions, plans, life. 

Above all, 
Thank you, God.

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