Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its now the second day of 2013. I have successfully turned my whole sleeping hours upside down again. I think it really bothers me but I haven't devised a plan to fix it...yet. Sigh. To start of the year, I'm still pretty much aimless. This cannot go on! But this post is not about that, its about 2012. 

2012, the year where the world was supposed to end but didn't.

So I tried to look pretty for the New Year, and I really want to perm my hair. #justsaying 

Lets take a step back. What did I do in 2012? 

I celebrated Chinese New Year with the cousins that I've never met before, from Australia, who are all adorable. 

Sent my bestfriends off to the land down below. *sobs*


Went to SS4 Singapore, plus a visit to my cousins and grandpa. 

I think...I got a boyfriend. :D 

Went for Sunway Christian Fellowship Camp. Gained new friends. (:

Went to CIMP Prom. Aww, I miss them both so much. 

Celebrated my birthday~ 

 Filmed my Seoulmate Project, made new friends. :) 

With that, I graduated from CIMP. 

And took a trip to Penang with besties. 

Also to the waterfall with boyf and new friends. 

I uhmm.. started Psychology @ Sunway Univeristy. 

EMERGE KL. Future in Neon. My first ever time designer and making an outfit, with hair and make up. 

Sent my sister off to Busan. *sobs* 

Big Bang Galaxy Tour! 

Christmas! & Holidays! & New Year Eve!

I feel like I haven't achieved much last year. But it was a tough year, sending away my bestfriends, sending away my sister, and my dad. All to the land far far away. Having been through it all with my boyf, which I must say, is a new record. Heh. Gaining and losing friends all at the same time. God has been very confusing last year. It was a year full of lessons and teachings, of falling and climbing, or love and pain, of decisions and plans. All of which, I wouldn't have gotten through if it wasn't for God. To be reminded over and over again, that God is good.

I am so grateful for experiencing life for yet another year. Being 19 is a strange crossroad. There, but not there. I'm not sure what I feel with that being my last year as a teen. I guess I am quite afraid. But that's okay. The most recent lesson and reminder that I've heard, is that everything here is temporary. Despite that, God has given us life. Thus, we should live and live by His Word, something I haven't seen to grasp fully. 

2013 will be a year filled with more learning, more life, more love. There is so much more. So much more to life. That, I believe.

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