Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentines day! <3 b="">

Haha, do not be fooled by the post title. I did not celebrate Valentines this year. :D Let's talk about Chinese New Year instead. It's probably my most eventful CNY in awhile. 


Look at the harvest! I might have brought half of it back to Subang with me. Heh.

 After reaching KL, I uhmm. Drank bubble tea on my own and worked for the night, spent a long night out and then ummm.. sleep. I need so much sleep these days because all my sleeping hours are upside down once again.

Babies! Haha. I haven't been in contact with a baby for so long. Its so strange, but nothing's change. I'm still awkward around babies. I'd be happy to get out of babies' ways. They're all pretty happy babies,  playful, so young. Sigh. I almost forgot what its like to have no care for the world. Lucky babies.

I would say I had a lot of fun in Ipoh this time around, I laughed so much. I might have spaced out quite a lot too. I ate a lot. I didn't sleep a lot. Sigh. Some pictures.

It probably looks more painful than fun. Haha.

I don't think I am able to blog about the real things that have been happening. But, sigh. I still want to say that I know what I am doing, despite how others may see me. I know the line that shouldn't be crossed. This is a phase, it will end. In the meantime, lets see what more life can offer.

Give me time to figure what I really want. 
To figure what exactly am I feeling now. 
Because I honestly think its not very healthy to be feeling what I do.

"눈물이 차올라서 고갤 들어,
흐르지 못하게 또 살짝 웃어."

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