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Friday, March 15, 2013

Part 3. 

4. Everysing @ Myeongdong

 Haha, look at that face omggg. 

One of the first few days lingering around Myeongdong, we somehow spotted Everysing. Everysing is SM's uhhmm.. outlet? Where it is a combination of karaoke and selling artists merchandise. I know it because Jo and I did an entire assignment on this place back in CIMP. It was quite amazing to actually step foot into it myself.

And of course, we had to take pictures at the Super Junior booth. I think there was a SNSD booth, but I didn't look into it cause well... I don't really care. Ahhh, my Donghae. This was the only relevantly kpop related place we were at. There was another Everysing at Hongdae if I'm not mistaken. Hmm.

 To take a look around... Sorry, its quite biased towards Suju. There were lotsa SHINee stuff that weure quite nice had I been a SHINee fan. And of course, lotsa SNSD stuff since they just had a comeback. Looking at all the stuff that I wanted but could not buy...sigh.

5. Insadong & Namdaemun 

I'm grouping Namdaemun and Insadong together because we went to those places on the same day. 

 I think this is the only picture I have in Namdaemun. It was literally another street with more food and more cheap stuff. We were there quite late, you see. The shops were closing at like.. 4.30pm. :/ And this is where we were conned into eating the very expensive street food because we were too hungry to walk on further. The japchae was good though. We didn't get to do much here because like I said, when we were done eating, all the shops were closing. 

At Insadong.... 

Which is what I'd call the artsy fartsy place. Haha. We actually didn't plan to go to Insadong but we happened to chance upon it while we were trying to find our way back to the subway station. So, yeshh! Another adventure. Insadong is supposed to be the place to buy the Korean souvenirs and all the traditional stuff. The streets were slightly different, decorated in a slightly refined older manner. 

Then as we were walking down the street, we spotted this very interesting looking building and decided to walk right in. Lol. 

It had a lot of cool stuff inside, some were pretty pricey. In the basement, they had this shops where make your own stuff. Like decorate your own cupcake, cut up some wooden key chains, make your own beads and accessories, and clay pots and stuff. Really cool.

I think its not very obvious in the picture but the building is built like a square, slanted spiral building. Its like one way up and one way down, along the corridors of the shops. Ugh, I am doing quite a terrible job explaining, I'm just gonna leave it to your imagination. More artsy stuff on the side of the corridors. (:

This, I think, is really cool. They literally made the hole across the entire wall. The side where I'm standing is where the staircase is. And in the middle of the straircase is a ginormous metal rose thing, like the giant beanstalk, going all the way up the top floor.

And there is also vandalism everywhere here. Lol. I guess I would still call it artsy fartsy stuff. 

To continue our adventure, my sister and I really wanted to try on Hanbok's and we were lucky enough to have spotted this sticker booth shop on the top floor where they let us wear the Hanboks for free! It was only 7000won (approx. RM21) for the pictures. It was a pretty good deal.

 So we wore our Hanboks and camwhored a little. It was one of my most favourite experiences in Seoul. And the pictures made us all look so pretty. Hehe. :D

After the picture taking, we continued up towards the rooftop and found this uhh.. love message wall? Its also a wall where they buy these kinda message tags and hang them all over. It was a pretty sight, but the shop was already closed so we didn't do much.

6. Bukchon Village

Bukchon is the part of Seoul where they preserved all the olden day houses and stuff. I think we see it very often in TV dramas and all. The houses are all still lived in and the whole place is pretty quiet but constantly bombarded with tourists. I dunno how they can live here. Hmmm. 

It was quite confusing to us what we were supposed to do there actually. We just walked where it looked interesting. Like this staircase for example. It was actually quite hard to climb. There were more houses on the sides and up. 

So, apparently. After we left, we found out that we were supposed to go around looking for photo spots, which are stated on the ground, right where this picture was taken. Haha. It was a little tiring climbing uphill and downhill around these houses.

Someone lives in that house.

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