Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 "Sam (Lopez) and Jill had an operation in the same week." 

"You wanna talk about me then talk about me la, don't wanna talk then don't talk la, no big deal." 

Memories' sake. Shoutout to my best friend! :D

 I have spent many posts talking about Seoul. I'm hoping to squeeze Busan into one post because well.. there wasn't much.

 Traveling back to Busan was slightly stressful. The train tickets went out, we didn't really make a back up plan. So, we had to sit and collect ourselves a little before devising up a plan. And the plan was.. to take a bus. Lol. Its not that hard to figure out, but point is we've never done it before. So, it was still a little challenging. Going towards the unknown. And it was so cold that day! We had to drag our luggage, which wasn't little, EVERYWHERE. And that picture above, is taken from the university dorm where we were staying. 

1. Boemoesa Temple

We had to take a train to a real far away station, then walk and take the bus uphill to this temple. But we don't reach the temple until we finish climbing uphill.. on foot. It was a looong journey. Thankfully it wasn't too cold that day. It was all very pretty and...yellow. Cause all the trees and grass were still dying from the cold.

I might not have enjoyed climbing uphill very much, but I really liked jumping around on these rocks. The wind was in my hair, the air was cold and crisp and fresh. :D Nature~

2. Gwanghan Bridge

The beaches at Busan are all so nice. :/ Jealous. Lol. But the main point of this place is the bridge. Where they usually have the colourful fountains/ lights and stuff. But they don't operate during winter. :(

3. Haeundae Beach

So, this is apparently the famous beach in Busan, and it is damnnn big. Lol. I guess it'd be nice to come when its warm and sunny to build sand castles and all. Maybe wear a bikini. HAHA.

My sister takes terrible candid shots of me. Hmph.

 4. Noraebang 

Noreabang literally translates to "song room", which means karaoke in Malaysian terms. The pricing system is slightly different, but other than that, its pretty much the same. I would say, it is slightly better going to sing k in Malaysia. The only difference is the place and they give us tambourines to play with... which we conveniently ignored. And, that place we're sitting on, its like a stage. For people to dance and sing on I guess. 

Oh, right. They also have a point giving system. We got 100 for singing "I don't wanna miss a thing". LOL farny stuff. We went back for 2 days straight because the singing duration is only 2 hours per session and we were not satisfied that we never got to sing the songs we want. Surprisingly, mummy just went along with us and listened us sing terribly and dancing to "Oppa, oppa". Haha, good times. 

5. Blue Monkey 

 Special appearance from Nay, friend who was with us, brought us? I didn't even get a chance to thank him. To fulfill my final thing to do in Korea, we went clubbing on the last night. Blue Monkey is this club which is more of a clubbing scene for foreigners in Busan. ...which is slightly disappointing because I want to experience a Korean korean club. But, beggars can't be choosers.

It was one of the most interesting nights I have ever lived. Haha. I don't think there's much I can tell here about the night. But we meet some Korean oppas and uhh.. foreingners. So, people who club in Korea really like...grinding. The girls like to grind and the guys like to be grinded. Normal right? ...right. Watching was a bit too creepy for me, imagine participating. Heh. The people were uhh.. slightly older. And they seem to have never ending energy. It was a little past 3 and I was already so tired, but they danced till 5am. Party goers are memang hardcore there. Good times, good times. First time partying in the winter, first time partying with Koreans in Korea. 


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