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Thursday, March 14, 2013


*check out my very contradicting post titles

So, now I'm just gonna blog a bit about every place we went to in Seoul, excluding Lotte World.

1. Myeongdong

I think we did spend almost two days there, mainly to eat. Random stuff, walking around trying not to freeze to death. I think it was here where I bought nail polish and I was also looking for an eye primer, which I did finally buy after searching for a long time.

Actually.. I have no idea what to say about Myeongdong. Its a street filled with many cosmetic brands with restaurants and uhhmm.. stalls. That sells random things like socks and scarves and fried food. Yes. Its usually quite busy, and the people have no reaction towards the cold! I was almost dying from the cold. Mehhh.

2. Dongdaemun

Shopping district and many would call it. Or was it fashion district. Lol. Cheap clothes and all. But wow. The Korean fashion is a bit.. geng. I mean. The cheap clothes (which are not entirely cheap when converted, just cheap compared to the rest of the Korean market) are all made to look expensive. Or maybe because it was winter. But all the coats and stuff.. wahhhh. I feel so jakun now. The coats were all so pretty, I really didn't know there can be so many ways to design a coat. If I was actually looking for one, I would not know what to choose.

And well, they were mostly still selling winter clothes, which means lots of sweaters and long sleeves, all cute and pretty and so..desirable. It was hard just to convince myself not to buy it because I will never wear it back in Msia.

Lesson no.2 Don't go to Dongdaemun without A LOT of cash. You will want to buy everything you see. 

And the amount of the most adorable socks in the world! Can be found in Dongdaemun. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there were many wholesalers. Which meant that they needed us to buy like 10 pairs of the same kind if we wanted to. Which was of course much cheaper, but totally unnecessary to buy 10 pairs of the same thing.

Which made me think... oh, so this is how people do business. I was so tempted to buy and start my own online shop or something. Unnie, lets consider this!  Lets do business. 

So in the end, I spent almost all my money here and I bought a skirt-legging, a black coat, a skull printed top, a few pairs of socks, a black wooly top, a Mickey mouse shirt (for 5000won only!) and a pair of red shoes.

3. Namsan Hill (N Tower)

It is super duper cold up on the hill, but I was filled with much excitement that it was quite easy to ignore the fact that i could no longer feel my fingers. That is the Namsan uhhm.. mascot? I have no idea what its supposed to be. A phoenix?

The famous wall of locks. It was quite an amazing experience, to see and feel all of that. I took a picture for the couple...kissing. Mehhhhh. But thats okay, I was glad I went with the people most precious to me. So we also bought a lock and they give this messenger bear thing where you can write on it too.

Ta-da! Our lock. And uhhmmm. I feel so sorry to announce that I have already lost the key :(((

So there is this thing that happens at the N Tower that I didn't know but was lucky enough to witness. At one point of the night, the lights on the tower went out and we thought that they were closing, so we began to take our last pictures and walk down. Instead, when we reached the floor, they had like projections on the tower. Like... on the wall of the tower. It was basically a video of a guy dancing and a guy playing drums and a phoenix flying. Lol. 

Its quite blur but you can see the colourful projections on the wall. It was very cool. I didn't expect that to be possible. Lol.

To be continued... 

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