Reporting from S. Korea.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm in a different city, a different country. I guess running away for awhile did help. Now I am haunted by the thoughts of returning. Of course, I have entertained the thought of well.. not returning. But it makes no difference. It isn't the place (much) that becomes the problem, the problem is within me. Something I have never succeeded from running away from for long

I know I may be young. There's nothing worse than not knowing how to grow up. 

Its nice here. Nice, foreign, sweet, empty. 

Here are some of my favourite pictures of this trip here. I will, of course, do a full reflection of the trip and all the places I went to when I finally get back into the warmth of my own room. 

Super Junior! Yesshhhh. :D

Gwanghamun palace. King Sejong. This is like the picture that will tell everyone "Hey, I've been to Seoul"

I miss having my sister around, taking ridiculous pictures together, long conversations that reminds us how well we know each other and how we always have each other's back. Having someone to dress up with and be vain with. 

Yes, I have finally set foot in Lotte World. And I have sat on the oh-so-famous golden carousel, on my own little blue horse. 

I do have slight regrets not heading outside earlier when there was still light and people. But, lets not talk about regrets now, shall we? 

The N tower. And yes, I have finally put my own lock on these walls and I did it with the people most precious to me. 

I am definitely blessed to be able to come here and experience all the winter and the love of a family. Its strange now, I feel young and I feel old at the same time. I guess I have been away from home for awhile. I think I may have my own saying about where home is. It only feels like home when my mum's there. 

So blessed, thank you God. 

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