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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Before I try not to mess up this entire loooong post, which will most likely be filled with many many pictures and short recaps of how it was, I have to say, that we are not exactly the size we look like in the pictures. We just had to wear a lot of puffy clothes because it was so cold. And.. my hands are awkwardly placed in many because its too cold that I couldn't let my hand just be. Lol. And I had a ginormous evil pimple that did not go away for the entire trip. Hmph.

I don't even know how to start. So, firstly, I didn't sleep the whole night before getting on the plane. By the time the plane was taking off, I was fighting to keep my eyes open. Lesson number 1: Do not fly long hours with AirAsia. It feels like I'm being punished for not having more money to buy first class so they make us sit upright for 7 hours straight.

And its the first time I've been to LCCT. Lol.I feel like this entire trip, I was quite unlucky when it came to travelling. On the way to Seoul, the guy who sat behind me was like.. high? He was slouched forward and slept with his head on my chair, refusing to let me recline. Sigh. And I was beyond tired since I didn't sleep the day before.

After landing and experiencing the awesomeness of Incheon Airport and being confused for awhile, my sister reached. I was sitting at the arrival thinking "Omg, this is where Suju walked pass before." Haha. Seoul was beyond cold, or rather, I was pretty under dressed on the first day. Taking the train and dragging the luggage up and down many escalators and elevators, we made it to the guesthouse and settled in. The Seoul Station has 8 floors underground. That is pretty damn cool.. and a little bit scary.

Right after leaving the luggage and wearing more clothes, we ventured out again for dinner. Lets see.. the food. Heh.

I ate a corn dog, at Haundae and Kalguksu (in a large bowl) before we went to Blue Monkey. I will keep the Blue Monkey story for later. 

Then, the last meal we had is apparently the Busan dish, called Dwaeji kuk bab. And I had my first churros at Lotte World. :D

And the fishcake sticks at the roadside, they give us chicken soup in the cup. The fishcakes are a lot thicker and uhh.. more flour-ier? Haha. Okay laaaa. 

Egg balls! @ Myeondong. They're just really another variety of some sort of waffle.

I'm just gonna blog about what picture I see now, because I really can't remember when we did what anymore. And now I choose to blog about Lotte World first.

I sat on the gold carousel of Lotte World, and we took pictures with at the trick eye wall?

And to be the angel.

 Then after much persuasion, we sat on the Giant Loop, where I screamed my lungs out because I was not even seated on my seat 90% of the time. 

And we went into the Mirror Maze, in which where my mum said that we were too good because we didn't get lost or bang into mirrors, we just walked right out of it. Lol. They gave up plastic gloves to wear so we don't dirty the mirrors when we go in.

So.. innovative.

We went outdoors too late and it was all closed and the lights were all off. :((( Slight slight regret. 

Hello, Mr. Pirate. The decorations for Lotte World is really...nice. I respect the effort they took to make this themepark. Its an amazing place. 

Lotte and one of their many fountains. 

We didn't get to go on many rides because the amount of people and the queue, omg. The floating hot air balloons had a line that required us to wait for 150 minutes. That is like 2.5 hours, that is cray cray. So we didn't go on many things. :( Nonetheless, we lined up for one thing which didn't take that long, Bumper Cars! 

Look at that queue! We stood there to try to deduce Korean teenagers' (?) behaviors and thought that they were quite.. violent. That is how they express affection? There were a couple cute young Korean boys with their equally cute, young Korean girlfriends with them.


Brain died until the immense pain on my face goes away. 

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