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Friday, April 5, 2013

The first thing I did when I got back to Ipoh this time around was cut my hair. My horse tail is now officially reduced to a ponytail. Haha. And apparently I need a new shampoo. Hmm.

 Passing through the month of celebration..

I went back to Ipoh, being given the opportunity to celebrate with some new friends their birthdays. Belated or not, celebration is always good. :) 

 Twas was an interesting night, with a little too much beer and too much sitting. Also, too much eating. This new change, the one where I don't get to sleep much in Ipoh anymore, is so strange to me. Quite hard to get used to. I wonder if my mum realises that she barely sees me at home anymore when all I ever did was stay at home in Ipoh. 

Coincidentally, that weekend was Easter Sunday. So I went to church, with two of my closest, and with a very traditional and quiet way, we celebrated the resurrection of Christ.

Happy Easter y'all! 

 And of course, Ipoh is never complete without my dear Ipoh-bestfriend. It was a long day, a long night. Long talks, long walks. I've missed you.

My mum has decided to completely change my sister's room into her own personal walk in closet. So she's been cleaning up stuff, throwing out stuff. I came home at night and saw the whole stack of MGS' Argosy outside the door and I almost ignored it. But after considering the very few memories I have of the school, I decided to keep the class photos that I could find. I didn't get my Standard 6 picture. T____T 

Trips to Ipoh almost makes me nostalgic. Just looking at all the stuff my mum's been clearing up makes me sad. How did I grow up so fast? How did so much change all of a sudden? There's so much to remember. 

I miss my bestfriends. 
"When will we do life together again?"

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