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Saturday, May 11, 2013


"Who do we hold on to and who do we force ourselves to forget? The hardest thing about love often seems to be the extremes. How quickly it can go from “hold me through the night” to “get fck off of me.” One day you’re in a hotel gift shop with the person you love and you look over at them and start to see different things, things you wish you were never able to see. This is the beginning of the end, the beginning of “get the fck off of me.” You know in that moment that you’ll be ignoring them five years from now in a grocery store."

This. How can these stupid things relate to me so much? :/


That's besides the point of this post. 
I just turned 20!

The strangest celebration ever. It just gets stranger and stranger every year. But with that said, I am not longer a teen! :/ Mixed feelings about that. I think I miss being the awkward age of 19. This might have been the loneliest birthday ever, mainly because all those close to me are all.. not here. My sister, thank you for the tear-inducing blog post, Kristal and Jo for the very heartwarming whatsapp messages, Ezzie for being the first few to wish me (I'm sorry I didn't get to see you, trust me when I say I'd rather I did, forgive me T__T), my mum who's in Ipoh and Sam for already celebrating it with me, and Omar for the comfort.

 Also, thanks to Wing Tim who did come down to Subang to celebrate with me. :) I am grateful, amongst other things that I feel. I am mostly just grateful.

Also, meet the new addition to my bed. I call it Tabby. But I think it has a Chinese name. Ah Wong? Lol. Such an unexpected event. I am blessed to have these significant people in my life. I must learn to treasure them much more than I already do. 

I am purposely choosing to ignore everything else that happened besides all these happy stuff. Honestly, the best time of my 20th birthday was the first 6 hours and the last 45 minutes.

감사하고 사랑해요.
I love you. All.

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