In the safety zone.

Friday, June 21, 2013

So, I went back to Ipoh for a couple of days for a planned trip in honor of...friendship? What. I don't know, I have no idea where I fit in there, but I am grateful just to be accepted.

And on the agenda was a trip to Gua Tempurung and Kellies' Castle and then to eat seafood at Tanjung Tualang. Lol, that was the shortest summary ever. Which was technically all we did. But of course, lots of camwhoring as we were accompanied by a DSLR. 

This is actually a somewhat unflattering picture of me where all you can see is my very dry naturally brown hair, my nostrils and how my legs are not so thin anymore, but I still love it.

 These are the kind of pictures that are worth remembering. It might be mean of me to say this, but it happens; I may not remember everyone's name in this picture ten years for now. But when I look at this picture again, I will be reminded of what a good time I had and how grateful that I have been given the chance to (somewhat) know them.

Also, that I was the only girl there.

 Haha, these jokers. Photobombed what could have been another of my pretty bridge pictures. I've recently discovered some kind of strange fondness towards bridges. Just so you know. 

I was too hot, blew them away. Heh.

 Gua Tempurung was... fun? Damp? Dark? Tiring? Humid? Quiet? Interesting? A little bit of all that. I haven't sweat so much in a long, long time. I remembered going into a cave before, also mistaking it for Gua Tempurung, maybe it was Gua Musang? Lol. I don't even remember. But caves just felt kind of familiar, like I just know what it feels like to be in one. What am I even saying? I would really have liked to go in further had the time allowed us to. Which just makes me question again, why was I the only girl? :/

Dinner was fulfilling, but eating with a whole bunch of hungry guys is like fighting a war. Lol. They eat a massive amount and at a scarily fast speed. Its like if I only focus on my own plate, by the time I look up, there'll be nothing left. Nevertheless, I ate more than I should have, more than I could. It was a good day. :) The long car rides, the terrible jokes, the good food, the excessive testosterone, the empty conversations, the funny people, the friendship I'm witnessing; so strange, so different from what I'm used to. 

The day ended with a good conversation and maybe some new friends. 

Besides that small trip, I also cut my hair. Haha. Its significantly different now, okay! Surprisingly, I like it more than I expected. So back to the other main purpose of me going back, was of course, to celebrate my mum's 45th birthday! Happy Birthday, mummy! XOXO

Mummy must have been hearing the kiyomi as well, with all the aegyo. Lol. Its so weird, years ago when she turned 40, it was a little scary, like she was getting old. But now she's turning 45, but I feel she's so young. I am, however, feeling much much older. Numbers are so unfair.

This was taken on Father's Day, while celebrating with the most fatherly person in my life and also, a newly acquired father figure. I have been getting strange feelings about him for the past month. Hmmm, strange. I shall not elaborate. Saying it aloud, or typing it, makes it all sound too real. 

This has been such a strange journey, suddenly it all feels like its ending too soon, but its actually been dragging on for too long. When my sem starts, I'll probably write a post about how much this past 6 months has changed me. Hmmm. I'm so unwilling to let this vacation end. But, at least there's something to (hopefully) look forward to. 

Fingers crossed.

It takes two hands to clap, 
now it seems is not the right time to clap. 
Right time, wrong person. 
Right person, wrong time. 
Wrong person, wrong time. 
Learning to not make a sound.
Stay in the safety zone. 

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