One of a Kind!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Venue : Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil
Date : 22 June 2013
Time : 8pm 

It was such a glorious concert for me, different from what I experienced with the Big Bang concert previously. This time, it was just.. chilled and fun and not so stressful. I guess being in the rock pit that time was a little too much for me with my height. Despite this time around, it would have been so good to be nearer to him. But surprisingly, I don't have much to complain this time. I was technically quite far. The pictures make it obvious. But I could see him so much clearer than my iphone camera can. And he was so adorable. 

I know it is strange to describe GD that way, but he was. Totally. Adorable. And so was TaeYang. And I'm about to say something that's totally honest and may come off as mean, but.. I really super duper wished that TOP was the one there instead. *runsaway*

So this is one of the only clear picture I have of GD.. on the screen. Lol. Pathetic, I know. But I might have engraved his face in my head already, so its all good. I remember his hair, his face, his make which I found so amazing that it just doesn't smudge. I wish the makeup artists would tell me their secret. 

His dragon mic stand, his gold mic, his pretty DJ stand, his futuristic car that he came out in. The walking stick, the gorgeous throne that he sat on while he sand The XX. Oh so glorious. I'm not sure if the stage is built that way at every concert, hmm. Okay, I have to say. I am sooooo happy that he sang all those songs that he never got to, stuff like Obsession, This Love, She's Gone, Butterfly, What's Up, etc. 

Omg, I totally went crazy when he sang This Love. I was like mind blown, it was so awesome. I really cannot seem to say anything beyond this because I was so absorbed into the song. He sounds so good live, of course. And just to hear him rap... *faints*.

So, I also went with my new found concert buddy. :D Who's a bigger fan of Taeyang. Who went crazy with me when Taeyang came up. Who also knew how to sing the song that I didn't. *gasp* Taeyang did Where U At and Break It Down. Where U At was soooooo awesome, I was jumping off my seat. Then he does all this funny dancing that just makes me wanna squish him. Haha.

GD is literally the king of making faces at the camera. He was all cutesy and all everytime he looks at the camera, being all sexy and with those eyes just luring people in. If I had enough energy to scream at every face he makes, I would have lost my voice within the first hour of the concert. He was having so much fun moving around with his segway, playing around. Soooo cute. And of course, he went down towards the crowd towards the ending, where this picture... 

...was taken. Credits to the person who took it, I didn't take this picture. And I actually have no idea who to credit. She must have been the happiest person alive. I don't even know how she could keep calm enough to snap a non-blur picture.

Oh, I have to mention the dancers. Omg, I was actually flailing at them. They were so... good. Dayumm, High Tech. They were all dancing so beautifully, synchronized and all swag. And I actually squealed aloud at Don/Deuk. I'm not sure if both of them were there, cause all the dancers have the same hair. ._. Impossible to tell apart from far.

There was a lack of picture taking materials outside on the concert grounds. It was slightly disappointing and disheartening. Maybe it was because I reached quite late also, most of the concert goers were probably all inside already. The whole concert ground was too calm and quiet for a GD concert. There was only this "small" billboard outside with another one that had lights surrounding the same picture, in a smaller frame. 

And the merchandizes were all slightly disappointing too. Maybe the official merchandize shop closed by the time I got there. OMG. Maybe. And all they were selling were all the exact same One of a Kind shirts.

 Watching this whole concert, you can tell just how much planning went into it and how perfectly executed it was. There wasn't much delay at the start. And GD was also teasing us from behind the screen right before the concert started. And he spoke very fluently in English the whole time. 

Taeyang said something like "Malaysia people are as hot as the weather" HAHA. Then, GD mentioned about his second album, he was thanking "my brother's Big Bang" and then when he thanked Taeyang for guesting, Taeyang ran back out from the middle of the stage and went back in through the side. They also keep making the mistake of saying "Malay" instead of "Malaysia". They go like "I love you, Malay!". Someone needs to tell them. Lol. He made this most adorable video for the encore. Omg, I need to find it again. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this concert in a non-going crazy manner. It was like mellow and sweet and calm, like a good first date kind of feeling. Sometimes he makes me jump, sometimes he just puts this smile on my face, sometimes he makes me wanna grab him and put him in my pocket and bring him home to feed him rice or something.

I really didn't want to leave the concert ground after that. But the people were filling out like ants, I knew it was time. Oh, post concert depression. What do I do now.
I miss GD so much. VIP forever.

"And it feels like I am just too close to love you
So I'll be on my way
You gave me more that I can return
Yet there's so much that you deserve."

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