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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It seems like I (obviously) didn't mention in my previous post that my course has started, I'm in to my second week now as a VU business student. I honestly don't know what to feel about it, but I do know that I feel like I'm having a really hard time catching up. Maybe its my own mental state that's not moving on yet. It's really hard to get out of the holiday season that I have been so comfortably enjoying. Snap out of it, self! 

In other news, I did continue spending my first week of classes as if it was still holiday. I spent a good day, the last day, with Omar before he left back to his country.


Someone I can talk to, someone I can lean on, someone I can listen to, someone who listens to me. Someone to eat with, someone to sing with, someone to dance with, someone to play with, someone to shop (LOL) with, someone to watch movies with, someone to just do nothing with. :D

Someone to walk with, someone to enjoy the view with, someone to take pictures with. Haha, we have so many pictures together now. A great friend, a great companion, a great brother, a great...father (?), a great everything. Haha, my first dedication post to you! Thank you for everything.

I guess, in time, these people will become very precious to me, whether they know it, and whether I show it. So, we ended the night with a surprise belated birthday celebration for Mike and a great session of karaoke. It was indeed a good night. 

HAHA. Uhm. Sorry. Parental Advisory? Explicit content. Should I sensor the picture? 
WARNING : Do not let your parents catch you looking at this picture if you're under 18.


God has been so kind to me, in the part about going back to university. On the first day of orientation, I dragged myself into the hall and awkwardly placed myself next to this guy, who was all cool and scary because no one knew each other. Lol. Then, there was this nice girl who came and sat next to me and we're probably not in close terms anymore. 

Let me tell you why. Because right when we finished our first awkward, quiet break together, I bumped into an old friend. YAY! I mean.. yeah. It has its pros and cons. I was so glad to see him, I could cry. Then, for some reason, the day just got easier to go through. 
:D Big smiles! 

Of course, the con would be that.. it gets harder to 'meet new people' when we're not alone. I guess in the end, we will rely on each other more often than not. I currently choose not to concern myself with the 'new people' thing because right now, I'm just glad to have a friend again. 

Long story short, uni is taking a toll on me because my mind and body can't seem to wrap itself around it yet, no synergy. Lol. I'm gonna make the best out of it. 


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