Friday, July 12, 2013

First off, welcome back 언니! 

I was in Ipoh for the weekend, two weeks ago, preparing for a (little) vacation to Jakarta. :D So we travelled alot that weekend, finally made it to Jakarta. Cut the long story short, on Day-1, all we did was jam all the way back to my uncle's pretty nice condo and then we watched KBS all afternoon and ate Domino's for dinner. A bit potong stim, but since we were pretty tired from all the travelling, I think I slept at 10pm that day. Its a miracle!

The second day picked up with us heading to Ancol Dreamland, a large bay (?) where they built an entire themepark on. Its pretty old, I think. But not too bad. :D We went to the dry park only, Dunia Fanstasi, Dufan for short. 

We rode on The Challenger... 

 ...Tornado, and...

 ...Niagara Flume Ride. 

Its an achievement for my mum with her lack of photographing skills to be able to get pictures of us on all three. Hee. 

It was a good day, the park is very much spread out, so the queues weren't too bad. This was the longest line at the Flume Ride. And it drizzled in the second half of the day. All the kids were like staring at me. Hmmm. I wonder why. 

Baby elephant! So adorable I didn't want to let it go. :(

On the second day, my uncle took leave for 2 days to take us around. I am grateful, but.. yes, grateful. Haha. We went to Taman Mini Indonesia. There are supposed to be miniature attractions of the world there, but we didn't get to see any. And also, it rained all day. +.+

I thought I was the most dolled up that day, but then we just spent the whole day getting drenched in the rain before my mum couldn't take it anymore and bought umbrellas. 

There are all these olden houses there, with old stuff inside, to show the history of all the different ethnics of people and how they lived in Indonesia. It was.. slightly interesting, mildly boring. I think I almost paid no attention to the stuff I was looking at, and only on how the rain kept getting heavier.

At the place where the ppl sit to get married. What is it called again? :o 

Then we also visited the uhh.. Ikan Air Tawar place. I'm not sure what it is. Its just aquariums with a lot of fish. Lol.

We saw eels and large fishes and creepy looking fishes, it was totally fun. 

And then we visit the Insect Museum. No comment on that. Haha.

On the 3rd day, we went shopping. At this place that's really like Petaling Street multiplied by 4 and then squashed into one building. Yup, that was fun. We bought shoes!

Then on the 4th day, we went to Taman Merkasari, its like a fruit part, vegetable park.. I have no clue really. We went to visit the dusun. Lol.

With the cousins, YAY. First pciture, it was slightly forced and awkward.

Making faces. Lol. We woke up at 6am to get there, with an hour and a half ride. And so we took some starfruits and melons home. And some lime plants. Yes, totally irrelevant. 

Yes, the taman was a pretty cool place. It has those rope stuff for us to climb on, another water themepark right across that bridge, it had.. some other stuff.

The melon plants, they were totally cute. Haha.

 With my grandpa on our Family Tour to all the plantations. The starfruit plantation had like a million caterpillars all over the ground, so creepyyyyy.

Yes, this was the end of the Family Tour

Then we took a long long ride back to the city again, which where we just stopped by some random mall to have lunch cause we were all dying of starvation. The day continued as we went to the Lotte Avenue, which was newly built in Jakarta. It was all so pretty and so.. Korean. Oh, you cannot imagine how much I miss it there. :/ 

They built these pretty weird things for deco, this was a kinda lighted house thing, with those hoses hanging at the back that lights up. Sooo cool. 

And A-HA! We found SuJu there. It made my day, honestly. I mean, to see something familiar while we're there. Its a little.. warming. Hehe. 

Finally, before we flew off on Sunday, we headed out to some fancy mall to have lunch. And then finally, the kids decide to warm up to us and proceeded to say hi constantly and then stare. Hmmm. Cute. 

One last picture with the cousins and grandpa. He looked so happy there and so sad on the plane back. Sigh. Oh well. 
One last thing I really can't help but point out, is that the disparity in Jakarta is so obvious that it pains my not so hard heart. There are people standing in the middle of roads trying to sell candy and drinks and there are people wearing mascots just waving at the people in between cars along the roads hoping that maybe someone just pops out and hand them some change. Its heart wrenching. There are so many people with small stalls all over the place just trying to make a living. I don't know how they can do it, but they really have my full respect. They don't just sit around and wait (although, yes, there are beggars too), they actually do whatever it is that they can to earn a living. Round of applause, these things don't seem to happen in Malaysia. Their humbleness should be exemplified.

That was it. We came back, and my course has begun and I have no idea what life will bring for me now. Lets move on to the next chapter now, I'm done with the previous one.


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