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Monday, August 5, 2013

Bonding activity 101: Go to Genting in the middle of the night and freeze our butts off. 
Just the other day, a not-so impromptu plan to Genting, after some dancing and Jagger-bombs in Vertigo. Which also explains why I was wearing a skirt.

Group shot! There's so much love in this picture. My favourite one yet. :D

It was so cold, what we actually did there, was eat McD, walk around and then stand outside in the cold all just hugging each other because it was so cold, took some pictures, laughed, get stared at weirdly, went home when the sun rose.

 And then they were trying to portray with it was like to kidnap me, I wouldn't say they were trying to kidnap me because they couldn't even carry me. LOL. Yes, I know. I'm still trying to lose some of that unwelcomed weight gained. :/

With Mel, whom I really wish does not leave but would still want her to leave so she can fulfill her dreams at HKU. I couldn't open my eyes fully because the wind was blowing in my face.

Selca time! When the sun rose and the temperature lower. We're actually all pretty tired here, but thankfully, it doesn't show.

I've learnt a lot and I've seen many admirable characteristics so far that I'll definitely put in my list of things I should learn to be a better person. Last picture to commemorate Omar who wasn't there, I really wish you were.

사랑한다 친구

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