"The Cure"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

"My mum always says opposites attract."
"That's magnets, we're people."

It feels like so much has happened and nothing has happened at the same time. Quick update. 

I've been living 4 hours of sleep a day, sleeping at all the wrong times, finishing up assignments last minute and it still doesn't seem to end. Have I been slacking? Not exactly, I'm just.. procrastinating. I've been really strange lately. Its like I'd say 'yes' to everything for a week, then I'll say 'no' to everything for the next. :/ #confused

So.. What happened? Uhm. 

I went to the We Love Asia Concert 2.0. And I've witnessed Pitbull live (or not live, I'm not sure) and I spent the whole night jumping around, covered in sweat and smoke. So much fun. 

Then.. we went for MTV World Stage, with EXO and Far East Movement and Robin Thicke. It was a pretty good night, despite the drizzle earlier in the night and the crazy fans. Maybe cause it was less hot and less people sticking to me, it was quite spacey. :D 

Then...  PARTAYYY~ new friends, old friends, acquaintances who eventually return to being strangers.

Then.. Back to being a student. Haihhh. Its been exhausting but I think the fight's not over yet. Finals will be approaching. I'm finding it so hard to be able to manage my time between me-time,sleep,  school, church, friends who are near and friends who are far. I'm sorry, I'm really busy and I'm trying my best. :/ Don't people realize that they're not the only ones having a hard time? Otherwise, I've been sacrificing a lot of the "fun times" just to get a little more sleep. My face is suffering, eye bags and dark eye circles are getting worse. 

Finally, it was my sister's birthday. 

I'm sorry I couldn't do more, it wasn't exactly all last minute. :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ❥ xoxo

So we went to 노래방, to celebrate. Big thanks to Zhan Wei for spending the whole day with me. Heh. I think he's the only so far willing to spend so much time with me. I see him 5 days a week, 5 hours a day. Or more. Lol.

I realised we were only ever apart for one birthday, that was last year. One birthday is enough, it shall not happen again! Cause my birthday without you was terrible, not sure if yours was though, heh. Thank you for always being there for me, for being my support, for being my confidant, for being my sister. Thank you for being born 2 years earlier than I was, thank God for putting us together. I love you!

I feel blessed now, after reflecting on the past 2 weeks. 
Thank you, God. 

Off to do assignments again now~

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