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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sundown Music Festival Asia 2013 @ Gold Coast Morib

Okay, this was a new experience, a pretty good one at that. The beach was.. not that dirty when we got there, but it was pretty trashed by the time we left. It was a 2 day event, but I only went for one night, because church comes first :D We left Subang at 8-ish and reached at almost 11. Haha. Damn GPS. Anyhow, I really enjoyed the whole car ride despite being a little burnt out from a real long Friday. 

"We gon' go hard and get there,
and when we get there we gon' go harder."

The crowd was.. meh, so-so, I was a little out of it at first until we went to the other side of the crowd and had this entire area to ourselves, then we just kinda lost it. We ran around, splashed each other a little, jumped and danced. Ahh, it feels like it was yesterday. I had actual muscle pain from that little running we did. :/ 

Yes, apparently I hang out with some topless dark skinned guys. Great people. ♥

After that, it was back to uni, back to the continuously building stress and slight fear. But! 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear
but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

I will get through this. It will all be worth it in the end, right?


So, in the occasion of that one-day public holiday that we had and my random moodiness stemmed from my bestfriend ditching me in uni for the chick he has a crush on, my sister let me crash her 'date'. Bwahaha. Oops? 

We ate some Japanese food, ate A LOT of interesting flavored ice-cream and...danced a little. 

Salted gula melaka, Guinness, Nutella, Mango, French Toast. :D  

I like this, I do. But why does it always have to end that way. We could be great friends, we have fun together, we can talk, we can laugh, we understand, we love freely, why should we settle for something less? 내가좋아하는 오빠들; 잃고 싶지 않아. ᅲᅲ

And life decides to troll a little more and there, we bumped into a super super old childhood friend. Memory is a pretty amazing thing, who knew we would still remember each other since we knew each other at the young age of 7/8. Please ignore my #awkward arm. Who knows what life brings sometimes? 

A day or two after that, mummy came to visit again and we went to Petaling Street to get more of the Halloween decorations and... 

So we tried on some of the stuff. The spiders were actually really cute. I don't think i'll get to celebrate Halloween this year. Damn you, finals.

Then we proceeded to eat some awesome dinner, it felt like eternity since I last had steamed fish and salted egg crab, courtesy of mummy's suppliers. I'm thinking I really need to improve my uhmm "socializing with older people" skills. :/ how else will I be able to step into the marketplace next time.

Yesterday, we celebrated my sister's so called belated 22nd (again) and... did weird things. Gawd, what a night. I think I did achieve what I wanted that night. That's it, now its time to move on. I did mean all those things I said, I'm glad we're all just.. fine.

Looking at my previous posts since I snapped out of my non-studying period and finally trying to get a life, I feel like I've come far. There's a lot of stuff going on, most times, its hard just to find a day for myself. I cannot begin to explain how blessed I feel, from making new friends, finding old friends, and connecting again with friends that were always there. (Shoutout to my bestest bestest gf EZZIE because I MISS YOU) 

"An introduction to a new relationship is a new season."

What my CG leader said, I can really feel it coming true for me now. Ahh, the power of prophecy. She said that she feels that now is the beginning of a new season, a season to go out even further and to stretch our faith even more. That phase I was in, I'd really like to get out of it already and despite what everyone may say, I think that this is a God given opportunity for me to realise myself again and become a better person. I'm taking the good and the bad and mould it all together until it becomes something new. 화이팅!

Theme for the 3rd quarter of 2013 : BOLD

Excuse the long post, I'm obviously procrastinating from studying.

There is an answer, you just don't want to accept it;
and the answer is 'No'.

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