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Saturday, March 22, 2014

 Overdue update. 

So.. The semester has started and I feel like I'm falling behind so far I can't even see the bend in front. I haven't been focused, I haven't been paying much attention, I sit in, go out, and everything flies by me like I wasn't even there. Its stressing me out because currently there's generally no one I can rely on. Maybe I'm just stressed out and over thinking. :/ Non the less, it bothers me quite a bit. Okay, rant over.

 There's been quite some stuff going on, I think my brain just doesn't recall very well anymore.

Kristal and Jo came back, we hung out....a little. Drifting is a natural occurrence, I just don't like it very much. :( 항상 보고싶다, 친구야. Including the boyfriends into the picture. This is such a pretty picture though.

 Then there was a some tea drinking and alot of time spent in the hospital. Then a lot of taking care of my boyfriend who was on crutches for awhile. Very little sleep. I bought new shoes. Did my first presentation, not so great. First test, not so great. Had God test me over and over again when it comes to working in teams. Still pulling through. God, help me. 

Long weekends, long days, long hours of break. How is it that everything seems so long but 24 hours is just not enough for a day? I need to pull myself together now. No more excuses. 화이팅!

Conclusion : TIRED. 피곤하다. 


문제 많이 생겼어. 
가끔식 외로워 도 하고, 아무말 또 못하고. 
근데 사랑은 이러니? 

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