Wednesday, April 23, 2014

좀 더 사랑스러워 하면 안돼?

Throwback, back when my hair was short and his hair was long and when we still managed to smile cutely in a selfie. 보고싶네. 

In other news, let me introduce Burnie! 

Our hedgehog! 

Now, I'm not sure if getting a hedgehog was such a good idea, but he's so cute, I have no regrets. The thing with hedgehogs is that their... spiky. Very spiky. And they get scared. Very scared, very easily. It takes a long time to get used to and I'm convinced the fella just doesn't like me very much. *sniffles* 

He's a lot bigger now, and a little more hostile. Like a kid. From baby to kid. Babies, they're soft and helpless and just a little more innocent. Now Burnie is like a kid, a 4 year old, naughty, lazy, angry, scared kid. :/

And still really adorable. 

To get him from spiky to less spiky. Main ingredients : Time and patience, ability to withstand being stabbed by his spikes. Woes of a new hedgehog owner.

I've been trying to not drown in my work and try to balance out my time, but there's not even enough time to sleep or chill. Let's try to keep a positive mindset, because the first major presentation is over and I'm feeling less pulled down by it. I can do this! All bad times come to an end eventually. 

Group work is a really hard thing to do. :( Oh well. 
아자 아자! 

Now all I want to do is dress up, go out, eat good food, dance and have fun. Maybe laugh a little. I never laugh.

'Cause when you smile at me my heart starts a'pounding
I forget my name and forget my surroundings
I just need to be near you
Can I pretend that you want to be near me, too?'

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