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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sometimes I like to feel a body against mine, warm and real.

I realised I haven't been writing much, like previously I would have drafts and drafts at the least of it before I could really round up what I want to post and actually finish it. Now I barely have drafts even. Also, I've realized that now, more than ever before, I keep collecting regrets. Its really eating me up inside out and I have no idea how to deal with that. I have no idea what's wrong with me also. Was there a certain point in my life that I just sort of accidentally... lost it? 

I was good at it, really. I didn't do things I regret. Then all of a sudden, every other decision would turn out wrong no matter what. The thing is, wrong decisions are fine as long as they don't turn into regrets. I've made many wrong decisions, I didn't regret those mistakes. Now? Ugh. Exhausted. 

What's it going to take? 

Haha. Okay. 


Quick update. I have survived the third semester of my degree, I have not failed any subjects, still on track. Lets keep it that way. *fingers crossed* I always get so close to failing. I have my own definition of failing. It was such a tough semester yet the next will harder, so I've been told. Repeatedly. 

My internship ship has sailed, but I didn't manage to board it. My travel plans were sort of accomplished. 

Road trip to Ipoh with the uni bunch! 

Too many people to fit in a picture. 

And then, Sarawak! 

To the fake beach that was just a fake beach because it was kinda gross, like the kind at Gurney Drive. We just stopped for a few minutes, get wind in my hair, took some "cool" pictures of the sun setting and left. 

Then... there's graffiti, drinks and boat rides and interesting food. 

Ais krim bergula apong, super nice!  

Our slightly unidentified cocktails that were actually all super nice to drink. 

Kong piah? This was really delicious too. 

Following that... 

On to Genting

Christmas is coming! 

I got presents to buy and all... but the financial condition is most definitely not helping. I need a job? Yeah, I know. I sleep too much, too little, too wrong. 

p.s. Yay, less emo posts.
Learning to hold my tongue. 

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