Friday, January 23, 2015

“We cross our bridges as we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and the presumption that once our eyes watered.”
—Tom Stoppard, Rosencratz and Guildenstern Are Dead

The job's putting a lot of strange thoughts in my head, showing me people and behavior that I've never had the chance to encounter. Looking at the staff, looking at the customers, looking at the managers, there's a lot to learn out there. Looking at each different race, looking at foreigners, different cultures, its all quite amusing. 

I see these Arabic customers and how the husbands always watch out for their wives. Whatever that is happening to the wives, they are watching. The wives raise their hands, the husbands hold the hand for me to tie the ticket on. They make sure that everything done for the wife is done well. You speak to them, they answer along with the wives. They always stretch out their hands for their wives/girlfriends, always let them walk first. They always wait for their wives to come before they walk or go anywhere else. Its rare to see a couple go anywhere without holding hands. The wives are also seemingly mutually always holding onto the husband all the time.

But there's a catch to this, they are also extremely possessive. Some wives don't allow girls to wear the tickets on their husbands, some (read: most) husbands don't allow other guys to wear it for their wives. I've actually seen the wives glare (but not in a threatening way, more like a 'you're touching my man' way) at the girls who are wearing the wristband. Some wives are very cute. But you know what's cuter? Their babies! Omg the babies, they have the prettiest faces ever, so so cute its impossible not to smile at them.
(DISCLAIMER: This is all personal opinion and observation and only spoken in general. There are others who are not what I mentioned above, and that's okay too.)

I've been feeling rather alone, rather lonely. Eat alone, walk alone, wander alone, do everything alone. If I were really to think about it, its not the job I'm complaining about. The job has its pros and cons. In fact, I think its a good job to have if you were alone (oh, the irony). There's people everywhere, there's some good looking people here and there. There's random uncles who flirt at you, there's random boys who check you out, there's random compliments thrown here and there. The security guards seem to like me alot, the foreign workers are really friendly to new faces, the ghost house boys flirt with the girls here and there. There's a lot going on, sparsely, but still.. things like that actually can make your day. Everybody is actually really friendly.

"You're so beautiful today"

"Eh tepi, perempuan cantik nak jalan lah"

Even just, "thank you so much" is a nice thing to hear and it really makes my day. It is a very humbling job.

There's of course though, the people who are just kinda gloomy. Reminds me of me, but I don't think I won't react at all if someone speaks to me though, or if I saw someone smile at me, even from obligation. Then, there's the impatient customers, the angry customers, the bored customers, shy customers. And then, there's those really happy, bubbly ones. Good and bad days when it comes to customers. I think this is what makes it exciting though. Just today, there was these two Malay (?) guys who asked me for information yesterday and I spoke to them in my very broken Malay and today they saw me and they were so joyous "eh remember I tak?", you can see their faces light up when they suddenly realized it was me. It was like a 4 second exchange but yet it makes my day just a tad less miserable.

I think this is a very tricky topic. To think that these people who are placed there to service you, sometimes we think its very easy to overlook them. Like nobody would even remember that you were the one who gave them directions an hour ago. But occasionally, they actually do see you and they hear you and they remember you. That's the reason people do this job, I guess. You can put a smile on someone's face and people can put a smile on your face too. This will indeed be a great experience/memory to me. 

This kind of feeling is the all-famous "lonely when you're surrounded by people" feeling. Hmm. 

"Ahh good, you're already smiling, I don't need to remind you to smile."

I'm writing this post a little too early since I actually haven't finished working there yet. But its okay, I've gotten the feel of it and I don't think I will change my mind.

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