Rewind, repeat twice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015



 I read this a long time ago, I didn't find a good time to post it before this, maybe there was too much to lose. And now there's none. There's so much nonsense going on. I'm trying to channel my inner Cinderella - "Have courage and be kind." 

Hah. Haha. I think I looked too deep into the movie, its just a movie. And its just Prince Charming, the one who only exists in fairy tales with the happy endings. Reality is a cruel bitch. 

Okay, sorry. Rant over. 

 Okay, don't judge yet. This is indeed a random picture of myself in a blog post that is all about myself, so maybe its not so out of place. And its not a pretend emo picture, it was a candid I accidentally tapped the screen. Furball is one of the best things that's happened to me. It was worth it, to have him back with me. He sits there and rolls around and grins at me in his bright orange glory.

Maybe its a bit too soon,
and I'm still a little too broken.

Can't handle that?

Friday, March 6, 2015

"You made life worth living."

Someday, someone is going to say that to me. I think I mean those words quite often, I just don't say them very often.

I was told some strange things about myself recently. Its only strange because suddenly I felt like somebody saw me. But still nobody hears me.

"What if I had a thing on the side?
Made ya cry?
Would the rules change up?
Or would they still apply?
If I played you like a toy?
Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy

Keep a straight face when ya tell a lie
Always keep an air-tight alibi
What he don't know won't break his heart"
-- Ciara, Like a Boy

Still putting on a smile.

And so I became the girl who leaves, before I’m left. 
But I hope that someday I’ll meet someone who’ll make me stay.

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