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Sunday, April 26, 2015

 Warning: Picture Heavy Post. 

In my mind a lot of things have happened already, but that's probably because everyday is a really long day and its been super busy (thankfully). But I was almost reaching my tipping point already, with the biggest assessment and presentation on the same week as my horribly timed fever and unavoidable sadness that runs around my mind like it owns the place, it was madness. I think I almost didn't make it through the last two weeks.

Fortunately, the harder times have finally passes, but the hard times are still continuing. This semester is really one hell of a semester. :( I'm not sure what I feel going through this on my own, but I guess eventually I'm not exactly alone. The weather's been crazy, its cold then its hot. Reminds me of a certain someone I used to know :| 

In celebrating Sook Min's birthday, that was a rather fun night. The live band was great, the food was great, the company was great, the scary glass ceiling was great, but the beer was not so great.

The scenery was great. City lights from high above, always my favorite kind. 

Right after that, it was another week of assignments and work, being in the freezing cold library until night, having dinner with mummy who was here for most of the week, more work, more group meetings. Which brings me back to how grateful I am for my group members this year, no more horror group stories this time. 

And it doesn't end here. This International Business Challenge subject really lives up to its name, its a new challenge every week. Look at our eye bags :/

From there, along with the bad weather, I attended what would most likely be the last prom of my life. I think with all the initially negative responses, most of us were glad we made it. :) 

With all my Prince Charmings for the night, missing one I think haha.

Following that, I call it Part 2, haha. It was a rather crazy night, I left my entire wallet at home, no $$, no ID, no nothing. However, I have this best friend, who is a pretty awesome one at that, we decided to make the best out of the night, and went back home, got changed, rushed all the way to the after party ;)

One picture eyes so big, one picture eyes so small.

I have reason to believe that this dress is somewhat cursed. I tend to end up getting a little too much to drink every time I wear it. At least every single time, I'm sure to have a good night.

I'll be sure to remember all these people in the future, even if our journey would end soon. Good times, good times.

Its still April. I had struggled so long, and its still April.

Its okay though. I am living through every single moment of this journey, good times and bad times, all of it. I better learn this lesson cause I'm not sure if I'll make it through the next tunnel anymore.

Keep holding on, keep letting go.

One step forward finally.

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