Approximately 6 years later;

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm very nice, but you're not nice enough for me now.

How many times must I do this? The bar is so, so low. How???

The mid sem break has been, well. A break. But in these few days, many things have happened.
And I have suffered from a lot of pain.  

So, finally, like 6 years later, I finally got my braces on, 13th April 2016. It may seem that I may have had enough time to brace myself (pun intended) for this, but I can assure you, no amount of mental preparation can prepare you for the pain. The worse part is that its not even temporary pain. Its like a permanent-temporary pain. Two years is a damn long time for it to be temporary, no? Now I am on some kind of liquid diet, I can only swallow and I am so sick of porridge. On the list of things I can eat now is: tau fu fa, soup, porridge, yogurt, mashed potatoes and half boiled eggs. I also cannot close my mouth now, if I wanted to, I have to manually pull my lips close, but doing that hurts too. This marks the end of my selfies era :( All pictures will eventually not have my face in it, haha. This will all be worth it, right?

Before the braces, I touched up on the eyebrow tattoo once again, that hurt a lot too. But in other news, I have red hair now. 

My towel has been stained red (from my hair) for almost a week now, it seems like the colour will keep fading. I think perhaps my shampoo is too strong? I'll definitely get some of those for dyed hair next. Its basically a kind of bronze-brown colour now. 

What else happened? Yes, my sister has officially moved to live in Singapore. It is obviously the start of a new journey for her, but it is also partly mine. We've never been apart, permanently, before. Oddly enough, when she went to Busan for a year, I cried. Despite knowing that there's a date for her return. But this time around, its literally permanent, and I think this has a much bigger effect on me, so much so I think that vague feeling of lost, is now.. numbing. Now I have no one who'll take me to the doctor when I'm sick and unable to move, no one to drive me around, no one to share food with, no one to eat ice cream with, no one to nag, no one to be annoyed at for leaving the wet towel on the bed. I could go on and on, but let's not. 

Now I have to really be independent. On my own. Now I have become that girl who came from a small town, into a big city, on her own. Before, it was the sisters who came to KL to study. Haha. I don't like eating alone :/ 

I still wish her the best. 

Now its back to being a student. Lets make it through the last half of the last semester of my degree. Yes, lets. I'm definitely going to miss this. I really hope that I'm just as good an employee as I am a student, fingers crossed x:

"Anyone who has seen her, please contact the
Police Department of the Lost Souls."

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